The exploration of vertical subdivision of B2B ndustry Station

2012, is an Internet transformation and development year, in some areas of the industry, vertical segmentation is an imperative trend.

B2C to

in B2B industry, C2C, the electronic commerce mode, development is relatively mature, but a mature model, will appear differentiation, which is the B2B industry vertical segments, from one service to different audience groups.

for the vertical subdivision of the B2B industry, there are generally two segments:

1, from industry segments

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The final battle the Jingdong executives all arrive ahead of a season opener

Liu Qiangdong held a media communication this morning will respond to price war

Sina Technology Tracy

"we knew three years ago that we were going to war with Suning sooner or later." Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong held a media communication conference on the price war in Beijing today, we originally planned to play in the fourth quarter by the festival, but accidentally ahead of time."

According to Liu Qiangdong

, yesterday he sent the "Jingdong all electric three years zero margin" and "the recruitment of Soviet intelligence officer than the price of micro-blog, triggered a strong reaction of Suning Gome and other competitors, when the smell of gunpowder and more concentrated," then start! "" /p> read more


On the development trend of nternet marketing from the view of college students returning home

With the shift of China’s industrial center of gravity from the coast to the inland, the two or three tier cities in the living standard, price index, business environment and other aspects of the rapid and coastal areas of. In the face of fierce competition in the city, the lack of sense of belonging, high cost of living, the current situation of life pressure, many college students have returned home after graduation as the first option". In the direction of significant changes in the flow of high-quality population today, network marketing is also facing a historic change in direction. read more


Website advertising experience

did a few years to do a small webmaster, feel really difficult, I started on the website advertising is Valley brother, I believe we all know, valley brother click advertising income relative to other advertisers must be high, but want to receive his money is difficult, I did two years received a cheque and, around a lot of webmaster even PIN codes have not received. So his heart is not the end of advertising, Baidu ads high threshold, the general small Adsense station is more difficult to comply with his request was rejected, the domestic advertising now more popular is the Ali Mama, although a single click income is relatively low, but the monthly income account, so soon. I choose now is the mother of advertising based on visual advertising group, and spreading the word, click on the 0. 1 yuan / each, plus a variety of integral incentives, income is still very impressive, we recommend running, interested owners can register for advertising, we are all small feel good, believe that climate is not the webmaster do it, this is only my personal views on Wangzhuan a little, I hope you the good experience of their own way for your reference and learning. The station consists of (http://s.why66.cn) read more


China’s online shopping popular city baked Hebei Xingtai growth rate of ninth

my original annual profit of only forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan, through online shopping last year, my sales volume is $about ten million." Qinghe County East Village cool beauty Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Mister Liu Yutian told reporters that online shopping is getting his business booming. The day before, taobao.com released "2009~2010 annual report" China popular online shopping city also shows that Hebei Xingtai has become one of the fastest growing online shopping consumption before the ten big city. read more


Third party payment company to accelerate the advance of B2C B2B

in the field of C2C, after years of development, has become increasingly saturated. In the face of fierce competition, the third party payment companies in deep C2C at the same time, B2C and B2B to actively advance.

August 4, 2010, Alipay officially launched a new version of the "life assistant". Previously, the "life assistant" is only a channel of Alipay, after the revision of "life assistant — provided by Alipay life service" for the purpose of service will be 16 projects originally scattered unified, marking Alipay to penetrate all aspects of the user’s daily life. Backed by 1 billion QQ registered users, nearly 600 million active users to pay through the industry will be more thorough penetration. July 1, 2010 onwards, the money paid through cooperation with China International Airlines formally launched the platform, the money paid to become the first comprehensive access to Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, the three largest aircraft payment agency of the third. read more


Taobao shop monthly income of million experience sharing market selection

Hello everyone, I am an old friend of everyone. I believe that this article to see friends like me, is also a hope to do their own work in the Taobao people. If you are not in the Taobao store in the monthly income of 10000 yuan, so please take a few minutes to read this article carefully. Bound to help you in the process of Taobao shop.

although I have been doing the network for five or six years, but the Taobao shop, only a year and a half. First of all, I now through the Taobao store revenue of 10000 yuan per month on average. I believe that this is a lot of Taobao shop a new goal. Of course, to achieve this goal, I am very happy, at least in their own Taobao career and a higher level. The following is the latest month’s revenue screenshot: read more


Start the 4 elements grassroots entrepreneurial success must up

Internet typhoon is coming, many grassroots entrepreneurs have pushed the entrepreneurial outlet, micro chain of these grassroots entrepreneurs often exist in the industrial division of the industry, many not much, a lot less, they are not concerned about, most of the time they have no place to make the effort, to light can not see the future.

I am an Dongsheng road of entrepreneurship is from a network cable, a computer at the beginning of the early and the older generation of private enterprises are a lot of small workshops began, Ma is from the beginning of sales, how not easy, today’s young people may want to do not want to come out. read more


Alibaba with the same age every day 18 years three years of electricity supplier cosmetics board

[Abstract] two years, every day to complete the two rounds of financing, the new board listed on the market and carry out cross-border electricity supplier, the three jump strategy can become the fight against the three axes?


Chuanguo made every dayThe

| world network operators reporter Lu Wenbin

every day and Alibaba electricity supplier starting point, are in 1999. At that time, the global Internet is at its peak, China’s Internet Co are brewing in the United States market. Another reality is that a lot of Internet Co lack of revenue and net profit support, this area gradually bubble. read more