New behavioural change app being developed

first_imgThe School of Nations has partnered with one of the latest technology companies in Canada to finalize and test their latest app, “The Virtuals Game”, which will be able to develop critical real-world prosaically behaviour.JAYGOR Inc. has set out to develop a game helping children to be mindful of positive qualities to help them grow through real-life challenges, and opportunities to help others collaborate with the institution.According to a representative of the school, “Technology is part of our society and everyday lives, and it’s amazing how society has adapted so effortlessly to these major changes.“We are marvelled at the technology; the science behind it all. This kind of stuff is what we used to see in sci-fi movies when we were kids. Kids already love playing video games, and they already spend all day on social media messaging friends. We would be supporting this behaviour with this”.The virtual is a new gaming app incorporating the latest software and technological innovations to produce a refreshing new gaming experience.With its main goal of being able to help youths grow in an important way, there’s already a ton of awesome educational apps for academic topics like language, math and science.“Parents have already lost the battle against technology. Children, and even adults, now spend most of their free time posting, updating! Everyone’s worried about their selfies, their hash tags, how many likes did my photo get? How many shares? Will this go viral? But modern technology doesn’t only have to be superficial and egocentric. We can use technology to educate….to evolve,” the representative said.Moreover, while the approach is to educate through inspiration and fun, the key capacities include courage, honesty, kindness, perseverance, flexibility, creativity, patience, generosity, responsibility, tolerance, service, and more.“We want kids to see virtues as the powerful superpowers they really are. We turned to virtues and character strengths, those universal qualities valued across all cultures and (which are) fundamental to human growth, peace and prosperity”.The Game is being developed by a team of the world’s top software developers working on the latest technology.Social entrepreneur and founder of the project, Gordon Naylor, brings over 40 years’ experience in using business strategy to enable positive social change with a focus on empowering children and youth around the world.The team has already developed and tested prototypes of the product line, and is ready to take its creation to the next level through the final stages of testing and development.The School of Nations will get first releases of the product, and will be invited to join the collaborative process.last_img

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