Public platform to raise the miracle Ouya game was 8 million 600 thousand investment

Ouya project initially hoped to raise $950 thousand, but ultimately received a $8 million 600 thousand funding


technology – Beijing morning news on August 10th, a company called Ouya’s upcoming Android game of the same name based on the host system. The company completed its launch on Wednesday, 63 thousand followers on the platform to raise the platform to get nearly $8 million 600 thousand KickStarter funding.

KickStarter is a small entrepreneurial projects to obtain financial support for public financing platform. If a team wants to get the investment, but do not want to deal with VCs, you can put your project on the KickStarter. If you are interested in it, you can donate some money, ranging from a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. This means that a small company’s "investors" often up to tens of thousands of people. This model is known as the congregation raised platform". read more


A fresh entrepreneur readme fresh in the three or four line of the city’s final destination is elect

lead: in damage to store fresh high rate of about 1/3. The fruit of Maori is very high, the purchase price of 1.8 grapes can buy 3.3, but after deducting damage and sale processing part of the profit is very low.

popular online saying "do not die fresh, fresh". The face of nearly trillion in fresh market even die, bigwigs on a honeycomb, Tmall, Jingdong have launched a fresh channel, vertical SF preferred, originally life; even the recent LETV also launched a "happy life". The country’s large and small fresh electricity supplier is not less than a few thousand, I am located in the vicinity of e-commerce is one of them, a three line of small cities, fresh electricity supplier. The following is a summary of some for several months. read more


Adults have to look at the survey Why become a business swamp

on a Sunday afternoon in 2014 before the Spring Festival, micro warm sunny, a male clerk lonely to stand in Sanlitun SOHO C B1 store for customers in the long wait, a group of young men and women laughing opened the shop, in less than 1 minutes, they took 4 pictures in this shop, then laughing away, do not have to buy any product, a few hours later, here to empty.

is the name of the store called "Powerful Sex shop", is the most successful brand marketing Chinese Adult supplies store, founder of Zhang Mengning (Ma Jiajia) has become the topic of 90 business figures, the bold way of marketing and business philosophy is the media push Chong, she also began as a representative of "Internet thinking" the frequently appeared in various conference related lectures in micro-blog PPT, the WeChat platform to be forwarded numerous times and share. read more


Wang Xing readme entrepreneurship is what a close call

met with Wang Xing a few minutes ago, Tencent shares public comment.

survived the winter capital, group purchase website but have changed. Wang Xing suddenly found those who strike violently rivals become familiar with, handle network loss of power in Wu Bo infighting, 24 coupons off the site, Du Yinan Shen Boyang Chen Yizhou sold in the sticky web site, Feng Xiaohai left the full commitment of suning…… The other side of the ocean and the group purchase industry is not too much, Groupon after the earnings announcement, the stock price fell two consecutive times, long time no profit dilemma let us group is suffering in the originator. read more


How to put Google AdSense ads on Baidu space

Baidu space is very interesting, because it is the child of Baidu, Baidu is very friendly to it, Baidu space inside the article on the weight of Baidu is very good. You can try their own, in their own Baidu space published articles are easy to be included.

my article is not to teach you to use Baidu space to apply Google AdSense, because Baidu space is not supported by advertising. But if you apply for a Google Adsense through other blogs or websites, you can indirectly make your ads displayed on Baidu space. This is a rare attempt, and it is not worth promoting. A friend in need can try. read more


To do good work must first sharpen his tools Wangzhuan list commonly used tool

"climb the move, arm lengthening, and see far; the wind, the disease also add sound, and told Zhang; Yu Ma sham, non-profit foot, and thousands of miles; false vessels, non water can also, and the vast rivers. A gentleman is not born, but also a good thing." Xunzi "

" scholarship

whether it is industrial or network, good things can sometimes be played in the 42 dial the effect of thousands of pounds. Archimedes said: "give me a fulcrum, I can move the earth". Use all available resources (of course, within the scope of the law), play well, use well, you will succeed!! read more


From the personal webmaster to the success of the network business earn 50 thousand yuan month exper

network to make money, make money online, referred to as wangzhuan. As the name suggests, "Wangzhuan" refers to the use of computer equipment, server through Internet (Internet) from the network profitable way to make money. This is an explanation from Baidu encyclopedia. Summed up is the use of the Internet for low-cost entrepreneurship.

I am a very small webmaster in China 3 million webmaster, has done a personal website, engage in SEO, opened the shop, do plug-in navigation. In many webmaster Wangzhuan site and saw a large number of articles to share my Wangzhuan, after reading the article and try various Wangzhuan summarizes some of my little experience to share with you. read more


Soft news Skype spring festival activities

respected soft union members:

Hello! 2008 Spring Festival is approaching, in order to thank you for your loyal cooperation in a year, to thank you for the soft net, the Spring Festival, launched the incentive policy,

specific as follows:

1, SKYPE network telephone channel in January (1 -31 days), the cumulative data to reach the registered amount of > =3000 active / registration ratio > =25%,

this part of the channel will be in accordance with 0.2 yuan / registered +0.5 yuan active pay; read more


Taobao started buying channel yesterday

is good at personal online shopping the yesterday launched the "group purchase" channel, will generally occur in the field of building decoration before the "group purchase" large-scale online shopping personal life, relates to the field of food, clothing, toys etc..

yesterday is the first day of the official launch of Taobao group channel. According to data provided by Taobao, as of 17 p.m., there are about 70 thousand sellers to participate in the purchase, on-line more than 100 thousand goods, trading volume of more than $2 million, accounting for 3% of the daily turnover of Taobao. A large number of orders come in a throng, almost no time to reply to the seller. A sale of Pecan sellers in Zhejiang, after the opening of the group features
 ), daily turnover of nearly 1000 kg. read more


Mobile entrepreneurs of the three major errors small and beautiful product is simple

lead: many ideas of many mobile Internet entrepreneurs may exist misunderstandings. The following sort of entrepreneurs three cognitive errors, and join my observation and judgment, hoping to be useful to entrepreneurs.

due to reasons from the media, often entrepreneurs will be offered to exchange views, with the digital mobile Internet entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, I think many many mobile Internet entrepreneurs may exist misunderstandings. The following sort of entrepreneurs three cognitive errors, and join my observation and judgment, hoping to be useful to entrepreneurs. read more


Make the use of local small Skynet earn thousand different days

do GG know if it is to do a foreign language station, then click on the price is very high, is a few times or even a few times a click, a click over a few dollars a lot. Site is not difficult to do, but it is difficult in the promotion and publicity, if you are a SEO expert, do this good. But the domestic SEO skills in foreign countries are not all generic, but also to learn the foreign SEO technology.

in addition to SEO, in fact, can do the same as the bulk of the domestic propaganda, but it is necessary to understand some foreign language, or difficult to engage in. Because the tools and web sites are foreign. You can also do a lot of foreign mail, in the United States, mail group is a legitimate industry, there is a special opening of the studio to do a group of foreigners, the day is the amount of millions of millions of hair. Do bulk sales of products is not very good, but it is still very strong click. read more


Alliance recession 21CN alliance cut to 2 people

          Web Alliance the decline. The bustling gone, when each union is bustling,

owners are also living in rich multicolored decorations, less than a year, two days apart. Alliance of the first league 21cn. Operating team heyday 30-50 team. The daily transaction amount of millions, now sp depression. 21CN Department of layoffs. Leaving only a commander in command of the alliance.

          webmaster network collected the domestic alliance platform Daquan  all the League into. Only 60 leagues.
          who will be able to save the webmaster, who will be able to pull the momentum of the decline of the union. Dawn of hope, my heart still. Memorial to the lost 21CN Alliance read more


Pulse two advertisers stop running

"traded fund net" alone broadcast advertising popups suspended

advertisers notice today "the sale of fund net" alone broadcast advertising popups suspended promotion.

please replace the code in a timely manner, so as not to affect your earnings.

notice: GLOBE7, EGG products from November 1st to suspend the promotion of

as a result of GLOBE7, EGG product upgrades, advertisers notice, from November 1st, the above two products to suspend the promotion.

please replace the code in a timely manner, so as not to affect your earnings. read more


An ordinary webmaster eyes Google AdSense

recently saw a lot of people in the discussion of Google AdSense, the forum has even started posting someone looking for someone to apply Google AdSense account. When I first do is to rely on Google AdSense to profitability and create a more glorious period can be said, so we see the super stationmaster forum so many people so focus on Google AdSense, I have to say one or two words.

What is

Google AdSense? Google AdSense is actually an advertising alliance is Google’s application, after Google can be advertising, search box on your website, and as long as the user has effective click, you can get some income. The most attractive thing is that because Google is an American company, so the ads are also u.s.. It can be said that the same content the same hits website, put Google AdSense on the domestic advertising than other CPC advertising revenue is much better, and the advertising content Google AdSense is according to the content of your website to match the degree of correlation is very good. Google AdSense’s reputation is also extremely good, as long as your website and advertising not in violation of regulations, as long as your account with one hundred dollars, you can receive the payment, which is why Google AdSense has always been one reason is the best word-of-mouth advertising alliance. read more


Google Adwords how to optimize the account quality score related questions

believes that many webmaster have put Google ads on AdWords, and Google AdWords quality score is the essence of advertising, optimizing the quality score as optimization search ranking is every webmaster pursuit, today finishing hot issues of quality score on the Google AdWords advertising to do the relevant answer.

problem 1: the quality score of the account is just beginning to do well, but for some time the quality score is getting worse.

answer: like this account, must first learn to analyse accounts data analysis, keyword impressions and click rate is lower than before, if the account data does not change, then the method is to optimize the advertising language, advertising is the best in the top three of the advertising language (integrated copy) can improve the quality score. read more


How to make your GGAD account safe

      for Google AdSense webmaster, pay attention to their account security, is very important.

      but because the Google for Adsense advertising code in which web site, not a so-called whitelist (Bai Mingdan), then anyone can take your account in one other site.

      although this seems to account stolen by the webmaster can increase and click Show, there seems to be no harm, in fact, is a problem, if your opponent put your code on an illegal website, but without your knowledge, many malicious clicks. It is likely that Google will issue a warning or stop your account. read more


Recently a method has been developed to detect the amount of advertising alliance

    recently, I do advertising advertising, I feel strange, no matter how I put to sue, even put that very attractive advertising, click rate is always below%2, and every day, and I feel very cow B, so, think and think. Online search ah search, finally,, developed a method, how advertising in the user point, my background also recorded hits.

    (Note: if you put ads in the picture picture, as long as you add a ONCLICK method can record the user clicks, the number of points of advertisement)   advertising code is generally JS, so to get the record to click on ads, focus ads with this method, the disadvantage is that users point right click on the number, but also can stimulate, but we think the general which users will click on ads, and unless your website is technical personnel to see more of that kind of, the general technical staff love study, can look at the code, my website is a novel network, so this is the case of the basic =0, read more