Careful choice Founding employees may succeed or destroy your start up

Abstract: the organization of the consulting firm gothamCulture founder and executive director Chris Cancialosi said: "absolutely is the priority among priorities to the people in the initial stage of employment, because of huge impact each member of the new atmosphere, all of the company’s culture and value orientation."

the founding staff of a new company is essential. They will not only lay the tone of the whole company, but also determines whether the company can succeed in the fierce competition to the next stage. read more


Ali rivers announced plans to invest 2 billion yuan to support mobile entrepreneurs

Ali rivers announced plans to invest 2 billion yuan to support mobile entrepreneurs

[TechWeb] July 16th news reports, the Alibaba mobile open platform Ali announced the "1 billion rivers, will provide venture capital +10 billion loan", used to support mobile applications of entrepreneurs.

rivers conference, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong announced that Ali will invest 2 billion yuan investment to support the developers, to help entrepreneurs to seize the great opportunities of Internet business reconstruction. Ali Baichuan mission, is let the world is not difficult to do, the years of accumulation of infrastructure providers to open up, to share with the entrepreneurs, the wireless open ecological symbiosis. read more


Expert Ji Shisan line is a virtual social university

Dragon Boat Festival, "good" and "MOOC" college team consisting of "shell" education, moved into a new office. Restroom or capillary wall hair, as posted on the glass door of the butterfly retro map of the world, "the small egg" air purifier in quiet operation.

everything is brand new.


belong to the "shell" education, but the fresh baked "good" obviously with more cross pioneer labels, such as O2O, such as the sharing economy, such as personalized. Ji thirteen also designed for "good" wrote an article entitled "" good "is what? With a shared economy, build a" social university "article" (later published in a "shell shell station" group), this is a product manager fan of the article, it briefly talks about the "in the" products of origin, history and future vision testing / improvement. In June 23rd thirteen, Ji and tiger sniffing Jun a detailed talk about "what is the row broken shell" journey "in the" original shell do? Three months experience of what the future will be how to optimize? read more


Thinking of going to the countryside to do business with the internet Seize the wall and farmers’ s

Abstract: Rural whitewashing prices actually have with their Internet up and gone to the countryside. Ganji said the person in charge of the Beijing morning news reporter last year, did not do the main reason is whitewashing advertising "scary whitewashing expensive."

now "whitewashing" the price of expensive


is at the end of last century, returning from abroad "sea turtles" found China the uncultivated virgin as many people excited about the Internet, to plunge into the country. In addition to Alibaba, Jingdong such giants, there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs to smell. read more


Li Xiang leave the car home car more entrepreneurial than love without regret

A year after

left the home of the car, Li Xiang set up his own little kingdom elsewhere.


is a start-up company only a year, but the car and the home has been financing 2 billion 500 million yuan. Li Xiang said the money would be used to build a "most consumers are willing to buy electric cars".

in order to achieve this goal, the past year Li Xiang found three partners, "the auto industry is very large, very complex, I a person could not do a good job." But the drop out of high school began to toss entrepreneurs, is a great opportunity that electric cars of their own, in all his past experience harvest, can enjoy in the car and home. read more


Start the 4 elements grassroots entrepreneurial success must up

Internet typhoon is coming, many grassroots entrepreneurs have pushed the entrepreneurial outlet, micro chain of these grassroots entrepreneurs often exist in the industrial division of the industry, many not much, a lot less, they are not concerned about, most of the time they have no place to make the effort, to light can not see the future.

I am an Dongsheng road of entrepreneurship is from a network cable, a computer at the beginning of the early and the older generation of private enterprises are a lot of small workshops began, Ma is from the beginning of sales, how not easy, today’s young people may want to do not want to come out. read more


A 90 entrepreneurs readme four lessons three stooges can’t be Zhu Geliang

in the impetuous Internet circles, successful entrepreneurial experience of entrepreneurs is not completely useless, but they are still in business on the road will inevitably encounter a variety of problems, positioning is likely to be ahead of the game. Based on human beings, to solve the problem of survival, team problems, the choice of four investors is also the problem of more than 95% entrepreneurs will encounter the problem of 99%.


is a 90, in the Internet business on this road has spent more than 3 years, will usually see some of the so-called CXO network this network that CXO wrote the article in the online business, I admit there are a useful experience to write out the good, but the most I don’t know how to write. In this impetuous Internet circle, everyone wants to succeed, the so-called successful writing experience, and then find the eggs. However, there are always a few key steps on this road, you are not positioning, will advance out. I assure you that the following are the experiences I have personally experienced, both at great cost. read more


Ma Huateng entrepreneurs do not need worry and fear Tencent

Ma Huateng: entrepreneurs do not need to worry and fear Tencent

[TechWeb] News reported in March 5th, the board of directors of the Tencent said during the chairman and CEO Ma Huateng NPC and CPPCC in Beijing in an interview with reporters, entrepreneurs do not need to worry and fear the Internet Tencent, there is a great space for development.

Ma Huateng said, now many segments of a large number of entrepreneurial opportunities, as long as you get a very detailed place, how to use information technology to improve the efficiency of people, improve people’s lives, to solve a pain point, you can be sure of success. In particular, O2O combined with traditional life in this area, there are a lot of services related. read more


Alibaba with the same age every day 18 years three years of electricity supplier cosmetics board

[Abstract] two years, every day to complete the two rounds of financing, the new board listed on the market and carry out cross-border electricity supplier, the three jump strategy can become the fight against the three axes?


Chuanguo made every dayThe

| world network operators reporter Lu Wenbin

every day and Alibaba electricity supplier starting point, are in 1999. At that time, the global Internet is at its peak, China’s Internet Co are brewing in the United States market. Another reality is that a lot of Internet Co lack of revenue and net profit support, this area gradually bubble. read more


Ma Huateng appease Entrepreneurs Tencent do not grab jobs the minimum goal to succeed

yesterday in the brother with the share of Robin Li’s view on business, so with the Internet gangster Ma Huateng how theentrepreneurship


Ma Huateng believes the current Internet business environment is very good, many segments have a lot of business opportunities, as long as it catches a very detailed, the use of information technology to improve the efficiency of people, improve people’s lives, to solve a pain point, can be successful, especially with the combination of the traditional life O2O. read more


Entrepreneurs dry cargo share how to work in big data applications

NetEase Francisco March 9th news, recently, organized by the 36 data of the application and practice of "big data" salon held in Beijing, a number of big data industry on behalf of the enterprise to make sharing, and solve the problem of big data business applications.

below is a wonderful view of NetEase technology finishing the scene guests:

Zhang Ximeng: enterprises should pay attention to product retention rate

The core of

GrowingIO company CEO Zhang Ximeng shared "growth hackers" in the speech of the. He believes that the core growth including access to users, hackers to stimulate active, improve retention and increase the income and dissemination of recommendation, supporting the growth of hackers continue to create business value "behind" is a big data. read more


Gu Shengzu a new round of entrepreneurial innovation wave of the six characteristics

editor’s note: public entrepreneurship, innovation is the power source, it also provides Fumin Road, fair, power meter. At present, the public entrepreneurship, innovation is to Liaoyuanzhishi around the vigorous development of "double" concept increasingly popular. In the new Internet era, only to follow the development of the new normal, grasp the characteristics and trends of a new round of business innovation, resolutely eliminate all shackles and fetters, innovation and entrepreneurship to create a good ecological environment, in order to truly make entrepreneurship and innovation become the trend of the times, brought together a strong new momentum of economic and social development. read more


nternet home improvement in the end also loaded how long

The product

with all the "Internet plus" era of the development of the Internet, the home also experienced a from infancy to prosperity, from prosperity to return to a rational process. Unlike other industries, the Internet home improvement company is not able to small and beautiful direction, on the contrary, involving many industries and areas of the Internet home improvement company is more heavy.

as a related to many areas of the industry, the Internet has never been the capital of the home industry and industry attention. These concerns in addition to the home improvement industry itself is full of expectations, but more of their huge market potential for the industry’s expectations. read more


Melon used car Yang Haoyong second hand car market heavyweights have not yet entered

for me, the most change should be in 2015. That year there has been a lot of things, from the beginning with Ganji and 58 city to the integration, then announced the end to do seeds CEO. By comparison, 2016 has been more pure, I returned to a more familiar rhythm. I may still be more adapted to the state of high-speed running, to solve the problem, to face the unknown future.

I accept to come to the melon seeds as CEO, is also a natural occurrence. In the second half of 2015, I helped the team to do the spin off, in September the capital of winter came. I want to find another VP to pick up the seeds of this plate at the time, but when I go to help the seeds of financing, investors said that seed volume, then the valuation of hundreds of millions of dollars, if not we can not vote in the founder. Then think about it, I did not have this possibility to do melon seeds CEO. If I do this, I will need to control, equity and other conditions, for which Yao Jinbo was pleased to agree. read more


Youth Chinese dream entrepreneurship is at that time

– 2016 youth hit off a series of activities and the first medical engineering record Passenger Special Event Finals and awards ceremony in Shenzhen double ended Zhou Yuanman

China Youth Network Shenzhen, October (reporter Fan Huiqin) – 2016, the youth of the year in the first series of activities and the creation of the first medical engineering customer event and the award ceremony held in Shenzhen University. This event aims to implement the "national innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples" and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League to promote the deployment of the construction of youth employment service system, enhance the innovative ability of university teachers and students, to inspire the young pioneers of courage, the CYL Central Committee Secretary Xu Xiao attended the event and delivered a speech. read more


Lei Jun talk about entrepreneurship flying pigs have to practice ten thousand hours

Abstract: any person in any field of success requires ten thousand hours of training, if there is no basic skills on the flying pig that is really an opportunist, "so, do not ignore those pigs fly in the air today, they not only practiced for ten thousand hours, may be practiced for more than one hundred thousand hours." Lei Jun said.

, as if overnight, entrepreneurship has become a common thing, whether the Internet or traditional industries are talking about entrepreneurship, Lei Jun described "to persuade a person 30 years ago, this is a very difficult thing, because he had to give up work, give up medical insurance or even a secure job, for today most of it, choose a startup as a relatively easy thing." In this trend, entrepreneurs should maintain what state of mind? What is the most important thing for them? read more