Google AdSense after stopping the webmaster face several choices

Recently, Google

is left to make raise a Babel of criticism of the. We don’t argue who is right and who is wrong, don’t be sad. Today we will discuss, if Google really gone, really from the hard work we do stand grassroots. So what should we choose? Analysis down there are the following, we look at how I write, welcome message exchange.

the first choice, if Adsense really go, a lot of webmaster will face the first choice: give up the webmaster occupation, find his way. Faced with this choice should be more webmaster. Because a lot of people, including myself, have long been accustomed to the way to make money Adsense, accustomed to the Adsense is not high not low advertising unit price. If Adsense really gone, so many webmasters will sink. The most direct choice is to abandon the station and go. So, if you are the first type of person, the following options can not read. Of course, if you insist on this down, ha ha, congratulations to you, and a winter passed, your career and more than a foot. read more


Google released Chinese domain name service

today on the GG background, suddenly saw a column, a careful look at the original Google was released Chinese version of the domain name calling service! Good, especially it is good for us there are a lot of resources in the domain at hand these friends.

then read the official blog of Chinese AdSense reports, Google released the Chinese version of the AdSense for domains, Chinese publishers can now put this ad.

Adsense for Domains is Google launched domain name service, the service can make your domain name Google Adsense advertising display idle, if the user has a large number of idle domain, and the domain name has a certain flow, then you can put these ads. In this way, visitors into the domain name, there will be a whole page of AdSense advertising, including AdSense for content keyword advertising, AdSene for search search and more advertising. read more


No Godfather how to do second storm

"we are the video industry" second "genuine goods at a fair price." A rainy summer afternoon, storm CEO Feng Xin sat in front of the dark horse brother said firmly, he will be hard pressed off indistinctly cigarettes on the table.

China video industry has a strange phenomenon, Tencent, Sohu video video, love Qiyi, PPTV and PPS video companies are claimed to be behind Youku industry "second", and every company is from the report of the interception of the long-drawn and tedious documents required, some refer to the total length. Some refer to the per capita length, some references are HD length etc.. read more


Comrade website owners do four years of suffering and tired

see you write a lot about their webmaster experience, there are a lot of sympathy and feelings. Think of yourself as a webmaster this four or five years of life experience, too much suffering and tired, the result is not satisfactory. To write their own spiritual growth do it, for the novice webmaster webmaster experience a little story, also hope to be able to get you a lot of comments.

start: impulse, everyone behind a mountain!

"behind every person there is a mountain" – when Ang Lee’s film "Brokeback Mountain" and don’t know who is mentioned, then become hot, in fact, students career I have contact webmaster circles for nearly a year. Always wanted to do a web site, A5, behind every day wandering in the forum to find ideas, but do not know what kind of theme is good. I heard Comrade do website is good, look at a lot of post, found that although mentioned type of website stationmaster comrades, but scanty people do, most prefer to do beauty station and do comrades station. read more


Voice business on the phone hot market profitability difficult entrepreneurs can hold on how long

radio this traditional form of media, is the popularity of smart phones usher in a new. The problem is, in the market is not mature, the profit model is not clear now, these all entrepreneurs, how long can


text / Miao Miao

The new

studio in Beijing Apple community B block 15 layer, founder Shi Kaiwen every day after work will be adopted in the new kitten with Simba leisurely play the guitar. In this style of Bauhaus design studio, Shi Kai paper began his fifth venture. Unlike the previous four, this time Shi Kaiwen will no longer touch the voice business". read more


Special 345 click online bookmarking welcome webmaster actively put

345 fanchon click on the line, welcome the webmaster can actively put! Believe that can bring good returns for the webmaster! Please contact customer service to open formal site webmaster. Customer service qq:183288818 319035197

data return: return in real time.

settlement cycle: Zhou knot.

advertising price: 10 yuan /1000IP.

audit: media audit.

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047 read more


Wangzhuan months summary must have their own website

today is December 31, 2009, it is estimated that many people are in the end of the year to write it, ha ha, I also write a network of their own money to make year-end summary. I am 09 years beginning in October that the network can make money, and then began to learn the knowledge of the network to make money, try QQ space, free forum, English free blog and other ways to do a few obsolete items, earn only a few dollars. But the first time from the union where the money is still very happy. Then I began to understand, although some people think that blind investment beginner don’t, the best use of free resources began to try. But the free resources is not easy to use, for example, basically it is difficult to apply to advertising, it is difficult to put according to the wishes of their own external links, it is difficult to promote, but the key is not full control, easy to hard to do the project, perhaps one day will be deleted, I believe many people there are similar lessons! In January this year, I finally decided to do its own website, make use of phpcms, the domain name space and a total investment of 70 yuan. The first station to do a lot of problems encountered, and no teacher can ask around, difficult to imagine. But I do not know who to listen to, the search engine is the best teacher, as long as the hard work, in fact, most of the problems can be found on the internet. Slowly, do the benefits reflected: read more


How to improve the price of GGAD clicks

from the site, talk about their own GGAD optimization experience.Ggad is the favorite of most of the webmaster, as to why, I do not have to say. , a lot of experts also wrote GGAD optimization technology, today I talk about their own experience.

first, effect of price, the most important is the contents of the site, English station high price as we all know, but in fact, the price also has a good Chinese. My site content is not very good, is the famous quotes, but after the optimization unit also has 0. 05-0. Although 1.. Is not very high, but still higher than 0.01 individuals. Many friends think com than CN meters high price. English letters are higher than the Pingying.. read more


Taobao shop monthly income of million experience sharing market selection

Hello everyone, I am an old friend of everyone. I believe that this article to see friends like me, is also a hope to do their own work in the Taobao people. If you are not in the Taobao store in the monthly income of 10000 yuan, so please take a few minutes to read this article carefully. Bound to help you in the process of Taobao shop.

although I have been doing the network for five or six years, but the Taobao shop, only a year and a half. First of all, I now through the Taobao store revenue of 10000 yuan per month on average. I believe that this is a lot of Taobao shop a new goal. Of course, to achieve this goal, I am very happy, at least in their own Taobao career and a higher level. The following is the latest month’s revenue screenshot: read more


The trend of independent entrepreneurship has been the rise of China’s entrepreneurial boom

Sohu IT news

news December 8th, according to the British "Financial Times" reported that the China business school students tend to self employment, provide convenient "light" Standford of the Peking University and the Tsinghua University innovation project X Laboratory for such entrepreneurship.

northwest of Beijing, an office building of the cold basement, a group of young entrepreneurs want people sitting in front of a computer screen, stared at the screen of the latest software prototype development. A few kilometers away, in a room with heating facilities, obviously more luxurious basement room, about 30 managers and entrepreneurs in the heat to discuss new products and the company’s creative ideas. read more