Ma Lake lecture entrepreneurs should have faith and feelings

sina science and technology news on March 27th morning news, lakeside University second opening ceremony held today in Hangzhou. The chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba, the first Lake University President Ma Yun said in his speech at the opening, the lake mission of the university is in the new commercial civilization era, discovery and training of entrepreneurs. More than a decade ago, Alibaba has a vision, that is, thirty years later, China’s top 500, there are 200 CEO from the Alibaba group system, today’s mission to the lake university. In the next twenty years, in the past thirty years, China’s economy, the top ten, there must be a few of us have a relationship here, the future of China’s top 500, at least 200 of the CEO has a relationship with our lakeside college." read more


What are the new opportunities around the world in 2017 Overseas VC say so

for the domestic venture capital circle, 2016 is a year of raging like a storm. Comes the winter capital makes venture capital heat sudden drop, once accepted pure online business model is no longer effective; Internet entrepreneurs and investment weakness makes people have to re-examine the line may be a new direction to partly hidden and partly visible in the fog.

on a global scale, in 2016 also witnessed the emergence of a lot of new things, such as Pokemon Go let AR boom spread. In this context, the growth rate of investment activities remained stable, the overseas wind speculation also continue to move forward in optimism. In their view, in 2017, the following eight areas will hatch new opportunities. read more


Chunshuitang Lin Degang shelling Xu Xiaoping Ma Jiajia did not understand the business don’t flatte

Abstract: as Adult supplies industry entrepreneurs and marketing people, Ma Jiajia is far not successful. As an individual person as marketing targets, Ma Jiajia is successful, put in the first call hit West east.

domestic fun electricity supplier chunshuitang founder Lin Degang today issued a strongly worded article, well-known angel investor Xu Xiaoping shelling. Lin Degang said in the article, because Xu Xiaoping remarks misleading entrepreneurs, he had to come out to refute. He implied that Xu Xiaoping had brokered chunshuitang acquisition Ma Jiajia powerful. read more


Pay overall rise but not everyone with extreme ease

recently read news on science and technology, knowledge of pay seems to be the media and media are the most as a topic of concern, many media people to express their knowledge of pay per views on the one hand is the envy of logical thinking, Ma Dong V with the knowledge of these big pay earned bowl full; the other is joy the arrival of the era of knowledge to be able to pay their dividends, media and from the media are beginning to knowledge ready to pay. In the science and technology venture capital media circle, before the tiger sniffing, entrepreneur, everyone is a product manager to launch exclusive membership, after the titanium media premium service products for the blind. read more


Gem suffered heavy losses LETV Wan Bangda palm interested in science and technology executives Ho

funds seem to make a choice between the gem and the SSE motherboard.

June 8th, the Shanghai index at 5131.88 points, or 2.17%, while the gem index closed at 3704.55 points, down 4.67%.

gem innovative high offensive showing signs of suspension. Following the May 28th crash, the gem suffered a crash again. In contrast, the gem executives, they also exercise the right to reduce equity holdings.

according to Tencent financial statistics, from January 1, 2015 to June 8, 2015 as the statistical interval, during the gem executives to reduce the market value of 33 billion 938 million yuan, the momentum is particularly rapid reduction. In particular, since June 2015, a total of 6 trading days, the gem executives to reduce the market value of $4 billion 820 million, while in March the whole month to reduce the market value of the gem executives also $4 billion 210 million, is the market value of holdings in March of 1.14 times. The executives in June 1st and, the maximum reduction of two, respectively, $1 billion 800 million and $1 billion 600 million, while the gem index rose in these two days were as high as 4.97% and 2.07%. read more


Purple Hui venture Zheng Gang Live technology will change all sectors of China

yesterday, organized by the Qing group and the investment community, China’s cultural and entertainment industry Investment Summit held in Beijing. Scene, investors gathered. Xiao Bian to all the entrepreneurs to bring the most fresh dry cargo principle most practical, in addition to rapid typing, brush face but also keep the knowledge of people, after all, the investment chiefs too much, is not easy to recognize.

this does not, in the dialogue session, Xiao Bian found that purple Hui venture capital Zheng Gang to share some of the views are quite suitable for our entrepreneurs and investors to take a good look at some of the. read more


A large number of entrepreneurs out of the family kitchen is only a dream

for those who are away from home, dragged his exhausted body back to the residence every day, looking forward to a meal like a mother at home with a temperature.

last year, as the sharing economy "floated" family kitchen, with a series of "mother", "home" brand catering came into being, they have to stay at home and have a good cook and uncle aunt want to eat healthy and delicious white-collar docking, established a shared kitchen mode. Then, after the Internet practitioners can book at home every day from time to time the fried pork through the platform, and a new way in retirement home Aunt Zhang also found time and earning. read more


Careful choice Founding employees may succeed or destroy your start up

Abstract: the organization of the consulting firm gothamCulture founder and executive director Chris Cancialosi said: "absolutely is the priority among priorities to the people in the initial stage of employment, because of huge impact each member of the new atmosphere, all of the company’s culture and value orientation."

the founding staff of a new company is essential. They will not only lay the tone of the whole company, but also determines whether the company can succeed in the fierce competition to the next stage. read more


Ali rivers announced plans to invest 2 billion yuan to support mobile entrepreneurs

Ali rivers announced plans to invest 2 billion yuan to support mobile entrepreneurs

[TechWeb] July 16th news reports, the Alibaba mobile open platform Ali announced the "1 billion rivers, will provide venture capital +10 billion loan", used to support mobile applications of entrepreneurs.

rivers conference, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong announced that Ali will invest 2 billion yuan investment to support the developers, to help entrepreneurs to seize the great opportunities of Internet business reconstruction. Ali Baichuan mission, is let the world is not difficult to do, the years of accumulation of infrastructure providers to open up, to share with the entrepreneurs, the wireless open ecological symbiosis. read more


Expert Ji Shisan line is a virtual social university

Dragon Boat Festival, "good" and "MOOC" college team consisting of "shell" education, moved into a new office. Restroom or capillary wall hair, as posted on the glass door of the butterfly retro map of the world, "the small egg" air purifier in quiet operation.

everything is brand new.


belong to the "shell" education, but the fresh baked "good" obviously with more cross pioneer labels, such as O2O, such as the sharing economy, such as personalized. Ji thirteen also designed for "good" wrote an article entitled "" good "is what? With a shared economy, build a" social university "article" (later published in a "shell shell station" group), this is a product manager fan of the article, it briefly talks about the "in the" products of origin, history and future vision testing / improvement. In June 23rd thirteen, Ji and tiger sniffing Jun a detailed talk about "what is the row broken shell" journey "in the" original shell do? Three months experience of what the future will be how to optimize? read more