Small businesses do not want to play a steady stick

although the advantages of small business, such as less investment, the risk is small, quick. But this does not mean that small businesses will be able to easily succeed. For small business, risk and opportunity coexist, so, how to improve the success rate of small business? We say gehangrugeshan, unfamiliar with the industry or not easily adventure.

often has a shield. Those who are in the big institutions to do the job, the income is fixed, and usually have the basis of education, more money to understand the money to invest in the way, usually these people have more leisure capital, its ability to venture. But all these people paying the money is insufficient to open large companies, while some business with a small capital, often lack work experience. read more


How to impress casual customers

different customers, shopping attitude will be different. Some customers are very urgent time to buy things are in a hurry, and some customers have a lot of time, buy a lot of things are wandering to buy, which is typical of casual customers. The leisure retail customers we usually contact more, especially in the period of time after dinner, the weather is hot or cold, as they rub cold (warm), while leisure, this kind of customers are not targeted to shopping, holding out the psychological stores to browse. However, it is not without the implementation of the purchase behavior, once there is a favorite, and clever goods, they will be very easy to dig pockets. read more


How to quickly increase the popularity of baking cake chain

for the baking industry, there is a special way to attract customers, that is to open the show to do now sell mode. This approach can quickly increase the popularity of baking cake chain.

now sell to operate like a whirlwind swept through the market, you can see many of the make and sell business model stores in almost every city streets and lanes, they are favorable for consumers, business is booming. Why is it so popular now that it is so popular?

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Zhu Weilian United CEO adversity growth story

United CEO Zhu Weilian was born wealthy American, but he is not willing to just blindly request adults money, but by virtue of their own efforts to get it all. When he was young, there was one thing that was enough to prove his mind and ability.

on a business trip to Shanghai, I dropped in to see my classmates.

‘s father is a successful businessman. The old Xie after graduating from college, inherited his father, in her father’s. Father advanced in age, gradually decentralization, so the old Xie young, when the boss. read more


Jiangsu leading enterprises to participate in innovation and Entrepreneurship

now the business activities of the whole society has gradually become a national movement, at the same time, there are a lot of people are concerned about entrepreneurship, in some enterprises also actively encourage and promote some excellent employees to do poineering work.

"our studio technology innovation atmosphere, divided into 5 working groups to carry out small inventions, small transformation, small innovations, small, small design" five small "activities, continuous innovation, service first." In August 6th, the provincial labor medal, Huizhi model worker innovative studio led the Funing county power supply company engineer Zhao Yunfeng said. Wise Model Innovation Studio was founded in 2006, 9 years, the studio has cultivated a group of knowledge, technology and creative talents, to obtain a total of 16 national patents, 2 National recognition. read more


How much money do you need to invest in Fasthotel

Fasthotel is in the city or town hall is very rare, because of geographical factors, the cost of natural open Fasthotel also has the very big difference, if you want to know how much money is needed to look at the specific needs to invest in what.

joined a Fasthotel about how much does it cost? Investment Fasthotel is according to the selected property on the basis of the conditions to determine the general framework of the Fasthotel, the completion of the renovation, all the basic material distribution in place, a room for cost control in 25 thousand yuan, fire investment, public area decoration, to understand the actual needs after determining the situation. read more


nventory run men in those sponsors

if you want to ask who is now the highest ratings of variety show, we will invariably say "run brothers," the name. The "running man" shook the screen, in addition to several star fire up, there are a number of brands to seize people’s attention. So what is the name of "running man"? Below, a list of men run in those sponsors.

"running man" each program in addition to the stars, a large or small, a sponsor or covertly implanted, are also watch. For example,  , run the first quarter of the public sponsor of the battle of the car, with the run it Ling crossing, run it brother, this slogan, so many viewers remember it.   with the running man became popular, Ling crossing visibility and exposure also rose. read more


How much money to join the dry cleaners

join dry cleaners in the end need to prepare how much money? This is a lot of friends are thinking about the problem. Many people are optimistic about the dry cleaning industry, but I do not know how much money you need to join the dry cleaners, small series today to join the cost of dry cleaners to estimate, we want to help. So, how much money to join the dry cleaners?

joining fee

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This love song for entrepreneurs to listen to

music can give us a resonance, for entrepreneurs, they also need to encourage music. So, there will be a love song, singing and entrepreneurship similar topics? Xiaobian "ice rain" this song is a good song, the perfect expression of the affliction, affectionate, emotional appeal of three level explicit, for entrepreneurs did not like this.

if you have to use "ice rain" to interpret a kind of entrepreneurship, seriously look at the lyrics, I think the Internet and sanitary napkins venture nothing. The two main subjects are women, with the feeling of almost want to get rid of sanitary napkins in the field of the Internet is not an easy business. From the beginning of 2014, the Internet up "Internet sanitary napkins" trend,   life and death, ups and downs, a wave of speculation and even to the "lei". read more


Open tea shop need to master what skills

open milk tea shop is a very good choice, but the current market, a large number of tea shops, the competition is very fierce, do you still want to be static, open an ordinary tea shop? If businesses want to successfully set up shop, how should we do? Let’s have a look.

To open new tea shop

1, first, to attract eyeballs, send beauty service;

2, effectively avoid competition, increase the high profit and high value-added varieties, the other did not do things, so it can avoid some competition, forming a difference (the other is due to the limited or other reasons); read more


1 4 Dazhou local public revenue growth of 14 4%

in the process of economic development, in a timely manner to do the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, not only to promote the development of enterprises to adapt to the tide of the times, but also to create their own rich value! 1-4 month Dazhou local public revenue growth of 14.4%, achieved remarkable results is very good!

1-4 months, Dazhou local public revenue 3 billion 116 million yuan, an increase of 14.4%, faster than the first quarter of nearly 4.3 percentage points; local public financial expenditure of $9 billion 814 million, an increase of 10.9%, slower than the first quarter of 5.6 percentage points. read more


Jingmen in 2015 to complete the 16 major city school cooperation activities

college students entrepreneurship has formed a certain theoretical and practical basis. Since 2015, the city of Jingmen began to implement the municipal government cooperation with the municipal strategic cooperation plan to promote the development of entrepreneurship.

2015 in June 17th, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Institute of Technology; September 24th, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Textile University; school October 30th, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with South-Central University For Nationalities…… read more


Store sales to be able to meet customer needs

said that, for the sale of products, each owner has his own ideas, however, after all, the object of service is the customer, therefore, to meet the needs of customers is more important. As we all know, do any work should be grounded". Ground gas is an old saying, in other words, the so-called ground gas is to cater to the needs of the masses. For our vendors, "ground gas" is to comply with customer demand, to the overall price of the sale of goods like, in line with customer demand and satisfaction of the goods. So, how can we make our sales "ground gas"? read more