The 58 phase yaojinbo sell 1 domain for hundreds of thousands of wages

author Li Huabing, founder of the 51 car.

looking back, a lot of things in my life, in fact, at the age of 18 that year has been decided.

that year, I was admitted to the computer department of Wuhan University. When I went to college, I heard about Lei Jun and saw an interview in the computer newspaper. I thought this man was very fierce. Soon, he came back to school to give a speech and gave me some impressions. First, he was passionate. Second, this is the first time I’ve heard a word called "management". Third, he talked about competition with Microsoft, saying it would take another gamble with Microsoft over the next ten years. The applause, that is worthy of our big brother. read more


Rookie webmaster site please don’t impulse

always want to record their own website, not because they have much success in this area, but because do stand in the process to have too much bitterness may only oneself know, not to be understood, at the expense of their own a lot of time. And his thinking is not clear, resulting in the website development speed is slow, and taking many detours, very much because of his lack of summary, so I will be a station diary, and share at the same time, also to motivate themselves and supervise their own." read more


Ten characteristics of novice webmaster

1, a good site, go to the big QQ group went, publicity their station, although will be scolded very miserably, but still don’t give up.

many times are just finished your own website address is out looking for QQ. Management information mass software. At night we can’t wait to see the harvest. Today there is no vision group propaganda effect tomorrow will be better.

2, the site has just been on the line, it kept looking at statistics, 5 minutes to refresh once, and the result is only the poor few IP. read more


Two Adsense network revision see website positioning

less than a week, the domestic two well-known Adsense station has been revised, by their revision can be seen, they pay more attention to the user experience.

Chinese station revision, than a website positioning more clearly, for the first time in the station website, focus on information reading, with the industry news, articles second, second class user submission, the above are my own experience out of the conclusion of.

site layout is relatively clear, but in my opinion, although the station has been advocating the user submission, write the webmaster, but at this point is not doing enough to Admin5, because the Admin5 Adsense contribute articles placed in a prominent position, a small position, let more hope of writing a friend wrote to show in front of more people, the webmaster can quickly browse the webmaster webmaster in writing, enhance people to show the opportunity, so the update in writing articles on the relatively fast, but there may be a Chinaz audit system with different degrees of read more


Record a layman’s way of building a station

in Shenzhen for 3 years of foreign trade, to return home to start, change radically, I majored in foreign trade, after it has been engaged in foreign trade, the program, but has been utterly ignorant of, who will contact the electronic commerce, electronic commerce is one of the main means of propaganda of foreign trade. The porcelain boss and several good relations, will join the red business.

well cut, I’ll call a friend made a foreign trade enterprise station, mainly to promote in the B2B world, keywords also gradually explore, click not to have customers from Google to search a single sample, is to reach the goal. Recently saw red porcelain industry website industry is not what decent, he asked a friend to make a stand ready to start promoting information industry. read more


Rookie teaches you how to increase the PV value of an online movie station

haven’t been to Admin5 for a long time. My movie station has no time management. I didn’t want to do it. In the Admin5 forum posted a sale post, a lot of friends contact, but the price is very low, so did not sell. A few days ago, I want to make a full revision, change the program and change the title. Every day before the revision, 2000IP, PV, about two times. After revision, IP dropped to 1000IP, but PV increased to ten times. IP has also gone up, and here’s a little bit of my experience. I hope it’s a little help for the movie station. read more


Just do what you like

I’ve always been a fun person, although I’m majoring in computer science, I still do pretty well.. So, my website basically is to help a friend get back, he is the IT industry, so write a program for him is a small case, and I all do stand experience are basically he taught, he helped me to do the template to me, then this is my station. ~~

All of the

data collection, classification, layout, LOGO design are responsible by me, I received the first domain name is: www.sweetmemory.cn, that is a friend sent me a birthday present, at that time, he said to register 60 years I did not agree, only registered for a year, I wrote the diary for the later date without a renewal, now very regret.. read more


116 web game network site summary

ha ha is similar to the work summary of the nature of things, published here, on the one hand, many webmaster counterparts can see, increase the number of communication and exchange opportunities, and promote each other; one is responsible for the operation of the station to do a little advertising, welcome everyone to communicate,. Gossip less, talk about these months do station experience. The website is: www.116wy.com

1. station goal: the company decided to do a web game website, similar to 265g, as the wheat group. The reason for this is that, on the one hand, the industry has just started, in general, the market is not saturated, there are Likotu; on the one hand, the company is optimistic about the future development of web games. Start late, it will spare no effort to catch up. As long as you do your work, you may not do it, but you will get it. read more


Economic chain hotel website analysis pioneer of hotel e commerce development

economic chain hotel development in recent two years is relatively fast, especially after the listing of Home Inn, led a large number of hotels to enter. Economy hotel chain in the operation mode, business innovation and other aspects, than the traditional hotel set up a stroke above, the economy hotel chain in the industry’s banner. The words of this article mainly analyses the hotel website, this article mainly aims at the important chain hotel industry, few can do for the economy hotel chain website benchmarking analysis, I think the other is similar to the hotel, if the station, based on their characteristics, to emulate their ballpark. The site of the star hotel mentioned in the previous article, the purpose of excluding them, is that the quality of the star hotel website is very different from that of the Econo Hotel website. read more


How to do a good job of nternet companies how to be a good investor

why should we focus on investors? Because the position of investors in the whole project is too important, because his decision can affect the success or failure of the whole company. There are many kinds of investors. From the financial point of view, there are risk investors, that is, the investment of money, regardless of everything. And bring your own money in, and then manage it yourself.

from the ability to say, there are industry investors, is very understanding of the internet. There are layman investors, do not know or understand the Internet a little bit. For the industry investors, we do not say here, because they are very understanding of the Internet, they will know how to do a good investor. To say is what investors are now, they have a lot of money, heard that the Internet is a profitable industry, the money came in, but they do not understand the industry, and the kind of people in Chinese very much, I can say that at least half relates to the Internet company is such a person, so I would like to talk about the focus, because as an Internet people, very much hope that any one project can be successful, money is secondary, can see their own projects by many people admit that this is the greatest happiness. read more


From knowing the laggards to becoming the laggards and then leaving the laggards

, about October, in 2007, a friend of mine said to me, "as long as you’re behind the times, you have everything.". Is the friend of a joke, pulled me into the outdated circle! I don’t know the laggards webmaster forum how great was more cattle B. My friend told me what to have inside, what program source code, technology, a lot of high. You can learn a lot. I remember registering a ID at that time, so I didn’t register at that time. Until 2008 May, I signed up for an account and started a career behind me. At the beginning, mixing in the New District, every day application outdated, I asked a lot, how can quickly outdated?. Others told me more original articles and other fish applications, good, I wrote a lot of original articles. Although the article does not have any technical content, it must be original. Write one after another, looking at points or -20, then very depressed, why is this? There are others sharing program software, what can be added points, I also share with you, but still do not give points. I’m disappointed. Don’t out than the legendary and hard efforts? So a long time no less I feel right. read more


n the case of ifeng com information site how to stick to the user

With the continuous upgrading of the

search engine algorithm, we can find that the algorithm towards more station optimization direction, the simple truth is no matter how powerful you outside of the chain, whether you included a high amount of how much, if you set the station can not meet the visitor’s needs, not to let visitors satisfied, even if optimized we can not retain users. This is especially important in information sites. Today I will help present in widely known information site ifeng.com, on how to better through some details to stick to the user. read more


After the search era traffic conversion is the key

05 years ago, companies competing to do the site, and finally found that the site has done is a decoration. 05 years later, companies desperately do promotion, website traffic increased, but the number of orders has not improved. Li Zhi is engaged in the network marketing, in recent years heard most is the enterprise such complaint. While a comparison of enterprise network marketing is the number of 4000 small and medium-sized enterprises is a very small proportion, but most companies have realized that the future development of the enterprise cannot do without in order to reduce the cost and enhance the market competitiveness of the use of the internet. read more


Depth analysis a mobile power supply why do O2O

[Abstract] a mobile power, mobile phone accessories and hardware manufacturers in the O2O can do what the article? PISEN chief operating officer Ceng Xiaochuan recently billion state power network to revealing the internal driving force of PISEN into the O2O, and the specific test scheme.

, in his opinion, do O2O because the light by the stores have been hard to earn money, and O2O by Tmall, Jingdong and other platform side of a heat is made, brands must actively promote, explore new rules of the game. read more


Brief analysis of four methods of high quality content in County Local housekeeping network

local housekeeping network can be said to be very obvious local website website segment type, its service object is clear and niche, it is very important to the local network so as to enhance the domestic viscosity, only as far as possible to get the favor of the minority, can gradually merged into huge profits! All of which are high quality web content there is a close relationship can not be divided.

unfortunately, the relevant information of local domestic network is very fragmented and widespread, even if it is put in a lot of human resources, to the market on the acquisition, that is also very difficult to obtain the favor of users of content, such as local housekeeping recruitment, cleanliness, nanny Yuesao, electrical maintenance, pipeline dredge and so on, it is related to the family all aspects of life. In the face of huge internal capacity, how to obtain high-quality and accurate information content, thereby attracting the attention of users, has become the key content of building local housekeeping network. The following author from four aspects to talk about the author of the local home network content source read more


Business environment is poor are forced to go west a Taiwan yard farmers mentality

Preface: what is the IT environment in Taiwan, which we have rarely paid close attention to. The author, superbcde, is a Taiwan programmer who has no distinguished educational background. He begins with the IT training school and goes to his goal step by step. He warned young people: to take advantage of the young to learn more, determined to do not know what to learn, it is best to go to Silicon Valley, because there is a paradise for IT people, and revealed that Taiwan’s entrepreneurial environment is relatively poor. This article originally from the PTT forum, INDIDE has done two finishing, the original title: software person’s mental journey to share, TECH2IPO minor modifications and comments, pictures and the protagonist of this article has nothing to do. read more


Electricity supplier operators read Jingdong big promotion routine

combination of my own learning and summary, this article revealed the Jingdong big promotion period have done what the planning and content, so that electricity supplier practitioners can understand the cognitive electricity supplier big promotion "routine"".

Why does

have a big promotion node,


1. strengthens brand memory

brands need to constantly through event marketing, advertising communication and other ways to convey to consumers the brand image and brand value in the operation of the development process, the formation of a mind of the brand in the minds of consumers, eventually transformed into the brand impression to buy. Tmall double eleven global carnival, Jingdong 618 quality carnival, Suning 818 fever Shopping Festival and so on, in which the global, quality, fever, etc., is to convey the concept of mind to consumers. Big promotion like arm, stimulate the potential demand of consumers, through effective marketing tool with fun gameplay can stimulate consumer desire greatly. read more


3 year valuation broken 1 billion this company from Shenzhen growth faster than millet

Abstract: in addition to products, in China’s hardware start-ups among them, is the first addition to millet, the first 3 years of valuation breakthrough 1 billion Unicorn company".


is going to be "Oriental Silicon Valley", Shenzhen still can not get rid of deep impression: fast, cheap, Huaqiang North copy.

is an obvious example is the fake Apple Watch appearance, watchband and even inside the software interface, and the original Apple Watch are similar, if separated by 5 meters, can tell the difference between fake and genuine. read more


Four point promotion skills of keeping pace with the times

is a website promotion often talk about the topic, different period of promotion means is all kinds of, especially in recent years, the search engine algorithm repeatedly upgrade changes, such as more well-known Baidu search engine has launched a Scindapsus algorithm and the algorithm of pomegranate, severely hit the sale and the number of advertisements contain bad links hinder the normal browsing of users page. Let the website wave a wave after wave of new algorithm on-line to stationmaster friends to a big blow, this is really a few happy worry, in the face of the search engine algorithm changing, find belong to our own set of website promotion skill is the good way to deal with the search engine, mechanically it is digging in the trap for yourself, will only let you deeper and deeper, the analysis of a few compared with the search engine algorithm website promotion skills: read more


Case study selection of local websites’ domain names

more and more friends choose to do local station, personally feel that this is a rational trend, know a friend, powerful technology, do a lot of websites, just want to put the website to become bigger and stronger, it can be said that this man has strong team spirit, ideal is very great, but in the end these sites, except the appearance, basically just a shell. Why did this happen? Personal feeling is the main target set too high, the positioning error, just want to make the website global, at the very least nationwide, the only hope that the greater the greater the disappointment also, before I have had the experience, a lot of ideas, but also to do, but no one can insist on down. Until back calmly, decided to face the reality, to repent, to do whatever things, eventually chose to make a place I was born in this Earth website. read more