Website optimization excessive you need to pay attention to the daily operation details analysis

second, the website chain optimization over the site right down. We know that the chain is to enhance the website keywords correlation and page weight is very important, but many owners in order to optimize the optimization, especially do a lot of internal links in the content page, the user experience of reading directly lead to declining problems. As a result, it is self-evident right down the website or will appear in the top of his head, the author suggested that the chain must be based on the stand in for the user and search engine services, mainly for the user to find more relevant information, to provide access to the search engine grab more relevant content, so in the process of optimizing the content the use of 1-2, a strong correlation between the anchor text links to related page, the chain must pay attention to the nature and degree of correlation, this high quality is the chain can effectively improve the inside pages of keywords ranking, we must pay attention to about 1000 words. The maximum not more than three chain, otherwise reduce the user experience of reading. read more


Unlock the Veil search root searching right down

generally, a black hat Optimization Website without the right to be reduced, the reason is likely to lead in a recent operation. And the reason is usually expressed in "one week" operation.

search engine drop right is not without any warning, in fact any change radically down the right to have a right or a precursor. For example, the website is right, but the page ranking do not change, it is the performance included significantly faster, the long tail word flow more and more spiders grow with each passing day, visit the. What were the site will be down the right performance? The first snapshot of a serious correction (the website is not in a batch update back). Second: the chain volume reduce and reduce (a day to reduce the dozens of the chain is normal, but if the day reduced dozens, hundreds were removed, then it must be right down performance). Third: the page is not included (is to be done right down processing site, the inside pages basically in a short period of time is not included, this time at least 6 hours or more). Fourth: the long tail word ranking key word (such as by this point love love Shanghai station weight query tools such as query, the result is obviously). These is the site will be down the right, if the site is down right is in the primary key serious fall ranking, not a trace of the way to fly. read more


Bing webmaster tools now YAHOO traffic data integration

August 26th report: according to foreign media reports, Bing webmaster team announced on its official blog recently, the webmaster tools has been fully integrated with the flow of data from Yahoo, now Bing webmaster tools can show the integration of data from YAHOO in some areas and report, users only need to visit their own you can find this change account.

in order to integrate data with a visual reminder signs, users will be able to display on these pages on the chart directly see Bing and Yahoo. At present, Bing webmaster tools to support 42 languages. Although there may be many webmaster in addition to the integration of data, also hope to see the contrast between Bing and Yahoo data separately, but this function is still not implemented in the current. (Cnpda) read more


2016 2017 Shanghai love love Shanghai algorithm summary how to deal with the Shanghai Dragon

following a brief introduction, and puts forward some suggestions:

review we first look at the love Shanghai official 2016 6 algorithm.

is also a source of timeliness of news of the clear blue sky, blue sky blue sky algorithm algorithm came into being; the news hit the source site, the soft selling behavior directory. This algorithm calls the strongest efforts of the world, for the problem of site from grab end, show the end of serial punishment, on the sale of soft paper, directory behavior without mercy. read more


How to Search ask the chain released stable

link, is a team left the name of the audit or comparative advantages, after all, feel left behind the name is a team name, this is the beginning of the audit staff to give a good impression, feeling more persuasive.

third, answer to targeted

Soso Ask the advantages of existing posted on the link: on the one hand, I personally see come up from ask flow, this is no doubt; on the other hand, the number of links is to ask the published, I can find in Shanghai love search, at least that is included in the search for love in Shanghai the link address, to increase his collection is no doubt. read more


Love Shanghai algorithm updates the website optimization how to

" love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm " and " love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2.0" introduction, can see the love Shanghai key chain is on this one, in the detailed algorithm, love Shanghai in fact has rejected all types of links. Remember when the algorithm has just come out, there are owners posting promotional " the chain of useless ". However, the construction of the chain is still in Shanghai Longfeng position is very important, just pay attention to the construction of the chain skills. read more


A Shanghai dragon novice mistake love

three, website content, some friends of the site are original, but he will be on the site just on the line when suddenly increase a lot of content, behind will have to reduce, or even a few days later update a dish, this website is not love love Shanghai, love the sea will think your site is not stable second will think of your site is in the collection of content. This is a new Shanghai dragon the easiest and most often make mistakes.

two, website template, the novice just contact Shanghai Longfeng, more web application is not how to understand, as we do the station is clean, some people will find an open source system, and then in the forum to find a free template to the website, this website is not the love of Shanghai love, repeat too much. So the novice in previous must now with a set of system and template making method. read more


Description if not connecting to deceive users will become

This is a lot of

description of the website is actually middle website title and content of the bridge, in the search engine we can show the title and description. Display on the website in the title and content, but this time the title to the top, is the most prominent place. Basically negligible, the user basically won’t see. The description just played such a role of a connecting link, but if you want to describe this part of the problem, not to play the role of connecting the user will not feel deceived? So the real description, not just to write around the site title, also need to take into account the website the contents of the. read more


Blog service longer more it is a kind of value guidance in a

blog is not exactly six months, six months you are yourself with things that are used, the spatial data of moving, small to ICO production, whether it is presented to us how the scene at last, I will not say that I try to guilt the. So what is the result? I think different people will have different conclusion, if only from the perspective of stationmaster, I was destined to be a failure, the weight is still hovering on the basis of the flow is like that; but from a point of view to harvest, I do this blog is ultimately profitable, I the harvest to friends, harvest to the idea, also harvest to a value of doing things in my opinion, these things are obviously more important. read more


About 7 fatal errors of search engine optimization webmaster easy to commit

thank God, you don’t have to spend big price to please a consultant, do not listen to a clip of charlatans, even though he has claimed to have top secret algorithm noble baby. These are used to prevent Shanghai dragon wrong advice can make your site ranking. In addition, because there are few owners will take the time to deal with all these problems, the only solution to them can make your way ahead in this competition.


this is a fact — noble baby ranking algorithm hates HTML error. Errors on your page will let you suffer, make your ranking fell sharply, even though the other content on your site is very good. Unfortunately, the webmaster don’t even know if their site is wrong, because you do not usually in the browser when browsing the web display these errors. read more


An analysis of the 360 search will influence on Shanghai Longfeng optimization

but many experts found that 360 search can in a very short period of time, beyond the search and other search engines, there are two main reasons, one is the relatively large flow of 360 desktop itself, has a strong user base, so the traffic growth has been the springhead, another is the 360 search users experience better, to abandon the search engine advertising, so the page more clean and tidy, and many of them are directly call 360 search results and Google love Shanghai results, and optimized, so users, and did not feel suited, at the same time because the content is optimized, instead a higher degree of user experience. read more


Gold station PS collection to Wangzhuan can not map for studentsDo Wangzhuan novice action is the ke

therefore, many novice friends are unable to make money, mainly because these people are always thinking of a fat person, but extremely lack of mobility. As a famous saying goes, "practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.". Do Wangzhuan is the same, you can only go step by step to success. You know, the most important thing in life is that you are homesick.


but when she went out with us one day, she volunteered and asked us for help. In fact, this taught them things, she has to teach to teach. But not Wangzhuan replication template can be successful. To some extent, it’s not cheating, but the PS student bill has an enticing element in it. Her conscience was beyond criticism, and she stood up to admit it. So, I also have that sentence: "not to PS collection for Wangzhuan students". read more


4 of the weight of the grassroots station website how to talk inspirational operation and optimizati

two, the content of the website

has been trying to do some of their own experience to stand out and worry under submission published by many people criticize that is manure and straw articles, but finally summon the courage to the submission, whatever you think is too soft, share the experience also, I just put your true experience summary. I am currently operating site is "80", from the beginning of March this year finally stabilized at 4 weight weight site (3 is the webmaster tools query, query, love station) every day the flow is stable at about 1200~1500IP, it is also by the flow of love is now in a stable Shanghai alliance 20 days or so, a months also have small income in 500 points. Although not much money, but to me, is a progress. This article just want to have been hovering in the weights of 2 and 3 of the grassroots webmaster to share inspirational articles, website is how to operate and optimize, so people can skip the thigh is the. read more


A few methods of website promotion chain construction summary

how to increase the chain


to discuss, do not speak well welcome.

know, love Shanghai love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love encyclopedia collection of Shanghai library and so on can be used for the construction of the chain, fell in love with the sea is more noble baby love to promote their products. So a good grasp of this point, can get the high quality of the chain. A point can is now love Shanghai know inside to add your own domain name is very difficult by the verification, but precisely because it is difficult, so that the external link weight heavier love Shanghai. read more


5 arcane flow over 50 thousand easy

SOSO answers: This is a lot of Shanghai dragon in the platform, easy to flow, the practice is very simple, for example: you want to promote the "battle of Losangeles" then you can apply for 2 QQ a QQ number to ask a QQ to answer, here a little attention, ask SOSO it is different from the love of Shanghai know, question and answer, No. It is best not to exceed 2, that is to say whether you are or answer questions are not more than 2, this is my experience out of practice in 1 years. Ask SOSO to do so, one day 5000IP is easy, a few days ago, my article publicity is the temptation to go home, appeared on the front page of the SOSO, a 10 thousand day flow easily. read more


Accurate keywords achievement of network marketing

through accurate analysis and optimization, more accurate by customers to find, to website transaction. What is wrong with the place, welcome to Shanghai dragon friend pointing one or two. The Hangzhou Shanghai Dragon (www.sem001贵族宝贝) original, welcome free reproduced, keep the URL source. Friends are interested can join the Shanghai dragon group: 65710850, Shanghai Longfeng exchange of experience.

three, the use of network tools, auxiliary to find a reasonable keyword



users love to use search engine, then the search engine will search a word in the user, in the drop-down box or related search and keyword related words. Hangzhou Shanghai dragon also take an Internet hot word – weight loss as an example, if the optimal time to lose weight of the word, the words not only too broad competitor and beyond count. In the short term is difficult to go to optimization, and the optimization cycle is very long, the cost is also great. According to the Hangzhou Shanghai dragon thinking, slimming products, this word is more easy for users to think of, but also contains the word weight. Hangzhou Shanghai dragon on the homepage of the keywords can be set up so that Taobao, the most effective and rapid method to lose weight slimming drugs _ _ slimming products list 2011 XXX. read more


Do you need to have the Shanghai dragon optimization four star


Shanghai dragon

optimization is a long tedious process, a website to optimize up, little more than a month, more than a few months or even six months to a year. As a new station, you have to trust through cycle of love Shanghai, will be 3 months. In this section of Shanghai Longfeng optimization days, you should continue to send the chain, update the article etc.. Every day the same work, but can not see a change. Do you have the Shanghai dragon optimization, determination to persevere, and don’t worry. read more


Keywords flow interception refinement complete matching principle to love Shanghai

The This article from Hubei Cheng Li >

complete matching principle, maybe a lot of the early site of Shanghai dragon ER is not very clear, dare to say so, because I have observed true love Shanghai complete matching principle site is really good, so it is necessary to introduce this experience I love Shanghai exactly match the principles of this experience if you can, a little bit of help, I am honored to.

completely in the Google search engine has been the most incisive, do not know if you have not found, you use Google search for a keyword, there is the most complete matching ", so it can be seen that exactly matches the role of it," the same content, if you meet the complete matching principle the search engine, then you get the weight higher, of course, the ranking is better, so it is also applicable in Shanghai love? Love Shanghai has always been a big fan of Google, after the general push a feature in Google, love Shanghai will follow, after all, Google led the global search engine the trend of. That is to say Google led the Shanghai love in a certain sense, so some sex Shanghai owners do not love attention to Google, actually this kind of idea is wrong. For example, the 2011 launch of Google panda algorithm, increase the punishment of foreign chain cheating, then there are actually love Shanghai to follow up, we have found that in 2011 there are a large number of cheating on the chain’s website has disappeared in the sight of us. Said, I just want to tell you, complete matching principle is really important, so I did a little experiment, please see below: read more


Learn a variety of skills in the practical operation of Shanghai dragon had no effect on how to do

this is not to say, in fact, is the search engine to agree with you, but also need to examine you for some time. That is to say see.

, not tired of nostalgia in the learning website, the forum, QQ group and we exchange, learn these skills as long as before. The future will become particularly good. The actual operation of the process, found that the skills I learned. It is useless. I’m confused. How is this going on? This is for everyone to solve this problem.

: the skills of "art" you understand. Can you not understand the principle behind the Shanghai dragon. And after the logic of their. read more


On the site of the biggest taboo pictures do

1, is the first home page is actually double address, this is a 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ address, /index.html is also an address, the same problem also appears in the channel page, the obvious mistake is caused due to lack of understanding of dream weaving program;

indeed, when web site for a month, is love Shanghai ruthlessly K down, not to mention what search records no ranking, but I still feel lucky, perhaps because the chain of hair too, as long as not to stop it, the results of a month in the past, the site remains the same, this is my website had never met before, it is a website template program? Can template is personally modified, junk code are removed, keyword and title also has a copy of high ranking websites modified. read more