love mules keyword stuffing really useless it

the website I went in to see the point, in fact, is a website, just using the N domain to bind this one station only, and not what special. I remember many years ago, using this method, a lot of people, but it would not do so. A single site, each domain name included, outside the chain, including the site itself is not that special, except title, description, keywords page three labels all the keywords stack, in addition to the few, still generator label stack keywords.

How much is his ?This example illustrates the read more


How to use blog promotion website weight


, select the


blog content is as high quality original content, this is not only conducive to included, but also conducive to reading, and this article will get search engine ranking. To improve reading and attention, blog traffic. So you can quickly upgrade the level of the blog.

blogThe registered blog

four, a blog of

then upload blog avatar, simple blog URL settings (personalized domain name), and as much as possible to improve the blog data and tends to be true. Because our blog is long-term development, it is essential to do this. read more


How to optimize the site from the perspective of user experience and website visitor data analysis

(1) update: not every day to keep updating the content even if the completion of work. Need to consider updating what kind of content to attract others, which need to update the content to attract old visitors. The attractive topic, need strong correlation and a hot topic of discussion, interactive setting etc..

[1] new and old visitor data comparison

After the

(2): update update location content also need to pay attention to the recommended position. The latest popular recommendation, recommendation, related topics and related links etc.. read more


Liu Dan do you need a sustainable Shanghai dragon to solve these problems

often encounter some peer friends, jubilant about how to do a website, how to make Shanghai the dragon, but talked without exception they will feel very confused, because for a period of time will feel some difficult problems persist, too much, which is obviously not so easy to solve. I said so I use a word to guide them, to be sustainable in Shanghai dragon.

a lot of people operating the information website, every day very hard copy paste articles everywhere, blindly and his CTRL key to. But eventually regret that the content included rate is very low, the ranking is also very poor. Want to do the so-called pseudo original it, but as we all know, the kind of pseudo original software use keywords to replace the way, and finally make the gods Lao Tzu can not read, no readability, this article on a web site, the user experience is poor are to be expected. But the webmaster will say, manual to completely pseudo original, efficiency. read more


How to choose the network company of Shanghai Dragon Staff

Make a contribution for the company

into the company’s goal is what

of course it is relative, not absolute, many large companies also respect the choice of personnel, but in general the two.

technology where mixing is the same, but sometimes people coexist with luck and opportunity, does not rule out some technical niubable man mix is not how, all may only be temporary, but the opportunity once missed, it was too late for regrets, for staff to Shanghai dragon which companies a better chance. 1, entrepreneurial companies?. Entrepreneurial companies started hard, if you go early, can with the company when the company grows up through the groundless talk, and you share the company’s first get a space for one person, so far, entrepreneurial companies the opportunity is much larger than those of large companies, but also the learning and training opportunities may be more. 2, and company. When the most difficult of a company, you saved it, it is the biggest contribution for them, for example, some companies have the talent loss remedy you, can bring an own strength for the company, the boss will give you a good chance. read more


How to correctly understand the quality and enhance the quality of web pages

to improve the quality of web pages is actually very simple way, that is combing the web content, as far as possible to eliminate advertising, in "the reasonable internal structure Sitelinks, so as to provide more diversified services for users. But as much as possible to reduce the number of user login, user browser plug-in installation number reduced, allowing users to browse the web smoothly. Finally also is to optimize the quality of the content page, as far as possible to achieve the original, but there is a quality of the original, if it is not able to have the original, in fact a certain number of high quality reprint articles, as long as it is related to your site, and can help to the user, the content is also good, and in accordance with the requirements of the white paper. read more


Keywords love Shanghai index tools by the user attention

on the search volume, love Shanghai bidding keyword tool, provides a more reliable data. We as a reference to these data, search relationship and attention see. We use the word "wall" as an example, in the index query its concern for 440, this value and the industry is also quite difficult. In the keyword tool, we will choose for all geographical regions, to ignore the impact on the region, the query to the "daily search volume curtain" was 460.

love Shanghai index (hereinafter referred to as index) development of the mind may only be located in public entertainment products. But the Shanghai dragon gives its special meaning, so that it became the Shanghai dragon Er keywords indispensable tools. And we are most concerned about the index of reason is undoubtedly "hot trend chart, it directly reflects a keyword user heat (user attention, hereinafter referred to as the degree of concern) and the media (media attention). Then the degree of concern is whether the user search reflects the amount of attention as a reference? To develop read more


Mature Shanghai dragon road Shanghai dragon ER how to open ideas

therefore, we should change the angle of thinking. Non chain do not, then we can be a natural chain, also is to let the chain construction look natural, a little trace of optimization. Such as through the chain placement, such as the chain website of the author is in the article, for the search engines, so the chain is not supposed to have more real than recommended appears at the bottom of the article in addition to the chain? In the near and recommended language a good way.

two, the authenticity of the recommended read more


On 628 personal webmasters increase love Shanghai’s new way

on the day of June 28, 2011, is a huge changes to the China Internet, included many webmaster dips, even left home, complaining and whether the webmaster is also considering the sag reasons, in my website as an example, the 628 love Shanghai love Shanghai site before the update has remained at between 1500. suddenly one night only love Shanghai site directly displayed page only 5 article. The snapshot update time became slower. Many personal webmaster should have encountered similar problems with me. Our first reaction is to love Shanghai drop right? Agonizing over a period of time before the website maintenance and the hair of the chain is not caused by the love Shanghai? My site has been ordered every published 5 articles, love Shanghai are included in 5 minutes, I usually push the chain website Guangzhou is only A5. and some other portals. Forum. The chain of the hair every day to keep the 50 or so, should not touch the edge of love Shanghai. This problem should also plagued many personal webmaster, can not find the reason of love Shanghai has undergone great changes in the site directive. read more


The Shanghai dragon let science Shanghai dragon Er work becomes more easy

China has been advocating "flat science Shanghai dragon", so, what is the science of Shanghai dragon? We Shanghai dragon Er practitioners how to do can be regarded as scientific Shanghai dragon? By watching in blogs and video two. I found the science of Shanghai dragon is what I was always looking for the state of Shanghai dragon, I received the knowledge from the Shanghai dragon, most Shanghai dragon Er do Shanghai dragon is not controllable, that is to say, the search engine K search engine you delete your snapshot, the chain or chain decreased a lot Shanghai Dragon ER may not know what the reason is. Perhaps many of my friends think is Shanghai Longfeng not? Don’t you go to the search engine algorithm? To in-depth study of the principle of search engine? In this regard, China raises a few cases, it is a competition case! Through the analysis, a B2B website is GBK encoding, a Chinese do foreign trade English the website is GBK encoding, in short, I was shocked, since the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is now feeling that a matter, thank the teacher gave me in to open the door, do science Shanghai Longfeng, science Shanghai Longfeng meaning and the fact that many popular Shanghai dragon. Is to let the data speak, controllable results, details to the extreme, this is the science of Shanghai dragon. read more


Don’t let the webmaster H1 into your K arch criminal station

today in the webmaster group, a new webmaster asked me, it can on the site behind the LOGO add a H1 tag, I sent him a smile, oh well, it’s really not easy can have such a consciousness, the use of H1 tags is to let the weight concentrated in the closed key words with H1, can quickly improve the weight, but then I said to him, you add the "H1" in this place, perhaps this is after your site is K "arch-criminal".

with a "handsome, one hundred thousand of the value of the H1 label" the author’s website to explain why "H1" cannot be used on the site before and after LOGO: read more


Preliminary analysis on speculation that Taobao included again for love in Shanghai

more than a year later, this situation appears again, has not spread, also caused a stir. But love Shanghai and Taobao are important role China Internet, their every act and every move will have important influence on the Internet Chinese, will also give sensitive networks in the world bring endless speculation. Huainan Shanghai Longfeng some preliminary speculation and analysis in the event and may affect the reason.

here only to intercept site:taobao贵族宝贝, in fact, love Shanghai included the first 5 pages basically all is Taobao’s two level domain name, of which only one or two shops included. But after 6 pages included the shop home page. Included page reached 280 thousand huge, included taobao贵族宝贝 all two domain names, including Taobao’s own two columns, but also contains a large number of stores home. A snapshot of the earliest date is mid August, the last snapshot is just past yesterday. Most of the snapshot date for the beginning of the September, due to the lack of follow-up survey, so is not clear or have recently included daily updates. read more


Read Lee on outreach judgment sense

"black chain" has also been a problem, as long as the black chain features 80% basic fix even if successful, then how to do it, the first after the link is not for weight calculation, as a cheat link, do not calculate CSS the existence of hidden style. Do not calculate the hidden and the background color.

Shanghai Identification of

"large scale low quality chain" to deal with large-scale fix first to link, make multiple pages of individual website links are merged or calculated only 1 or 2 or a little more. You can calculate the link under the main domain such as www.sina贵族宝贝.cn can only calculate slin贵族宝贝.cn links so you can put an end to the blog group or a large amount of two domain refuse to bring unfair voting link. Even if the 1 links you 10 thousand Sina blog so the calculation of slin贵族宝贝.cn domain name, so you can make. read more


Fat inventory of 10 love Shanghai snapshot not update the reason

site is not continuous updates. Why continue to update, I do a little experiment, if you have to update frequency of the site, love Shanghai snapshot will also form such rules of frequency ratio, follow updates.

I have a habit, perhaps many webmaster have this habit, love is directly in the Shanghai box to enter your own domain name, or site, to observe their website snapshot update yesterday whether love Shanghai, love Shanghai has always been the webmaster snapshot debate, some people think that affect the keywords ranking, some people hold the opposite opinion here, fat experience tell you, love Shanghai snapshot with the ranking is different, the latest snapshot is a website update frequency, and the frequency of the spider. Love for you will accumulate Shanghai recognition so as to improve the weight, here summarized 10 reasons to love Shanghai snapshot not update: read more


The details of the optimization the achievements of the website

content: rich content to attract users, exciting content to keep the user

will be optimized in terms of content, but many people are still confined to optimize in abundance of the content on the website. For example, a women’s website, the original column makeup, beauty, love experience, and now with a new medicine, the effect of how such obvious? Perhaps compared to before and to attract more users, but retain users? Content too much will appear to be out of order.

many people will ignore the words, when the article published one or two words readily get throught a thing carelessly. To do a good website, must do keywords optimization, so as to improve the keywords ranking. In general, the search engine will automatically put the word segmentation technology is divided into two parts, such as: website ranking, website ranking and automatically divided into two words. So, the optimization of keywords to do two things. The first is to select and choose the right keywords. Each article will have its core idea, the key words can accurately reflect the ideological content. Now many people are used to search for love Shanghai, love Shanghai search engine is to rely on keyword ranking to > read more


Shanghai dragon why training lesson notes summary those we have practice error

to easily build brand registered domain name, domain name is contained in the brand keywords is not so important, of course English website still has a bit of help!

5. note learning to observe the search engine spiders log

this software can easily observed trends and spider spider to grab the content or the feedback information, the webmaster can easily consciously in accordance with the spider washed to feed the spider, also recommended the formation of a lot of observation log spider habits, do website problems early know early prevention. read more


Shanghai Longfeng orders eight skills how to do the details of communication

The development of The importance of

is facing the problem of communication and customer details after you Shanghai dragon success of the orders, so this time you can come straight to the point, the direct communication between the client and the development of the product details and brand later, according to the customer’s thinking to design the network marketing style website, the specific details of communication about the main points:

When the

detailed understanding of the products we should communicate with the customer to establish brand, I believe this problem each enterprise will be very concerned about the formation of the brand, then the product sales will strive for further improvement, but the brand marketing is not a short duration of time things, so in the search engine marketing scheme design we should remind customers see, the customer is to sell products, or do long-term brand marketing, different direction of search engine marketing scheme is different. Shanghai Longfeng although first concern the interests of readers and the interests of the search engine, but in the end if you don’t bring the benefit to the enterprise, so you just could not reach their own interests, if you do not, even the subsequent renewal can not, so much for enterprise consideration, meticulous to a lot of enterprises and communication to understand the product to understand brand awareness. read more


Shanghai dragon at the end of this year paste why my site didn’t rank

love Shanghai Spider3.0 upgrade

The first time

is a very interesting thing, He Guijiang could not help but want to send out sound, why your website crash? Many websites are using the "automatic push" self inflicted? As for the meaning, you ignore it.

ice bucket algorithm upgrade cycle

love Shanghai version 3 will crack down in Shanghai mobile search, the search path to interrupt the user complete transfer from behavior. Ice bucket algorithm 3 on July 15th officially launched the site, want timely rectification, the site to avoid the damage evaluation. read more


Shanghai dragon must have their own judgment and thinking


said the truth was with me, technology is really good, in addition to the technical aspects, he gave us some opinions also has great influence on us! Meet things yourself, think, put your site as the center of the web, how to weave the net is always thinking

a lot of people say that content is king, the chain for the emperor, as everyone knows, and feel so simple a few words. But when you do it over a period of time after your meditation to "observe" this sentence, you find that this sentence is very complicated, if you can extend out more about the content and the chain insights, so I believe that you will be on the word view greatly changes the content! Do not say, here on the chain of the weight of read more


The first half of the Shanghai dragon learning experience to tell you Shanghai dragon imagine witho

believes that a lot of Shanghai dragon in novices before learning Shanghai Longfeng, should see Wang Tong teacher of Shanghai dragon money method. Also describes some practical experience. One of his students in Shanghai Dragon technology to a product keywords ranking do the home page, and then a month can earn tens of thousands of pieces money. We look at this story, that as long as the Shanghai Dragon Well, even after Taobao keyword put off, a product ranking to do we can take money, but I was really wrong. /p> read more