We rely on it to make money

frankly, I’m a failure of the webmaster. I do not know how to make web pages, do not understand the promotion, do not understand SEO optimization. I have a passion and an idea. Of course, in my mind a lot of ideas may be a bad idea.


website has done a few years, and do not under ten sites. I know this is not too much, for those who do collection station owners, it is negligible. But there is one thing I have to confess, I have experienced more than a dozen websites from the beginning to the end of my exit, there is no profit and no profit plan and the corresponding plan. Because our starting point was the site is not profitable, and that we are also students have no pressure to survive, do it just because of interest. read more


Liu Erchuang people do not follow the trend

with the progress of the times, the development of science and technology, more and more people join the ranks higher, of course, there will be a lot of people quit the industry so in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, this industry, why more than 80% of the income is not working much money? I think the reason is a lot of friends love to follow suit.

most people have a common interest, that is to follow suit, such as:

1:08 click on the site when the fire, a lot of people do.

2: this year’s Taobao off the fire, and there are a lot of people to join. read more


Purple Hui venture Zheng Gang Live technology will change all sectors of China

yesterday, organized by the Qing group and the investment community, China’s cultural and entertainment industry Investment Summit held in Beijing. Scene, investors gathered. Xiao Bian to all the entrepreneurs to bring the most fresh dry cargo principle most practical, in addition to rapid typing, brush face but also keep the knowledge of people, after all, the investment chiefs too much, is not easy to recognize.

this does not, in the dialogue session, Xiao Bian found that purple Hui venture capital Zheng Gang to share some of the views are quite suitable for our entrepreneurs and investors to take a good look at some of the. read more