Guangzhou Sanlian bookstore from field survey face high rent and online shopping attack

racket, the crowds, many buyers Paiqichanglong awaiting payment. In July 29th, when the "daily economic news" reporter arrived at the Guangzhou book center six floor of the Sanlian bookstore, compared with a week ago now deserted, the lively scene make the bookstore somewhat overwhelmed by an unexpected favour". However, this scene is emphasizing a "dying hero" sorrow. From tomorrow, Guangzhou Sanlian Book Center branch will move to bid farewell to the graduation, has played 16 years of stage.

and Sanlian Bookstore deserted the struggling similar fate, many of the bookstores are now Similarly afflicted people pity each other. struggling in the edge of life and death. What makes them in the cracks gasped, and what was once the fame of the bookstore magnate 11 fall? Entity bookstore in the future way out where?

entity bookstore winter

Sanlian bookstore Guangzhou book center shop, a few days ago also full frame books now many have been sold out, leaving a lot of bare shelves. Some books are left before a group of consumers Amoy, and continue to be picked up later, many "bookworm" even pushed the packed shopping cart shuttle store.

however, in only one layer and Sanlian Bookstore across the shopping center five floor, the reporter saw many private bookstores is a deserted house, a rare figure. "It’s a triple bookstore. We don’t have anything." A Book operator told reporters.

will join the Federation in 1989 financial bookstore owner Mr. Cai has been reluctant to mention too much hardship and distress at bookstores. As one of the first batch of Guangzhou individual Bookstore operators, he claimed to have gone through a "Pastoral" like days, when the rent is low, people buy books, the profit is considerable. Today, however, his bookstore can only operate at a loss. Mr. Cai said that by the end of the year after the expiration of the lease, he’ll be upstairs Sanlian bookstore, farewell and Book day.

Guangzhou book center is the most important local private bookstores gathered, known as the "greatest" bookstore in Guangzhou. Even so, is located in the five floor of the private Bookstore also shut down from the peak period of the current more than and 20 of the more than and 40. The reporter learned from informed sources, the more than and 20 store is currently at a loss many keep going by painstaking effort, then, estimates there will be a number of successive exit.

Guangzhou, another private Bookstore gathered in Zhongshan University Simon Culture Street is now show decline. There have been set up a collection of more than and 10 bookstores, now only the remaining 4 barely support.

sort of physical Bookstore layout is not difficult to find, many bookstores are a contraction of the road. Sanlian bookstore was originally located in the shopping center on the third floor, after the expiration of the lease to rent six floor cheaper, six floor to run after the field had to retreat. Zhongshan University Simon of the bookstore is the same, started a facade on the first floor, then a step by step retreat to the two floor. From the geographical point of view, many bookstores are moving from the periphery of the central region. >

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