Nora jurisprudence case settled Wang Xin pleaded guilty in court

Abstract: Wang Xin, Zhang Kedong, Nora, Niu Wen Ju said Wu Ming pleaded guilty to repentance, said Nora’s crime.


[titanium media] after a lapse of eight months, Nora involved in the dissemination of pornographic materials case this morning in Haidian court hearing. Our company, Wang Xin, Zhang Kedong, Niu Wen said Wu Ming pleaded guilty to repentance, said Nora’s crime.


before the court session, the prosecutor to apply for supplementary raw produce has been transferred to the court, but did not read the court evidence, no objection to this. The prosecutor in court on evidence, defendant, the defendant and defense counsel opinion. After the trial, the defendant unit, the defendant did not add evidence.


, the presiding judge asked the defendant, the defendant to the prosecutor accused the facts of the crime. Our company, Wang Xin, Zhang Kedong, Niu Wen had pleaded guilty to repentance. In the final stages of the court debate, Wang Xin defender suggested that the sentencing of about three years in the Wang Xin.



, the court adjourned the trial, the collegial panel for review, the review results announced another period.

in January 7th this year, in the trial, in the face of the crime of spreading pornographic items of profit, Wang Xin and Nora 3 executives have denied the crime. At that time, Wang Xin’s counsel to identify whether a court battle, identification of pornographic video quality, there are no relevant national standard is not pornographic videos and other related problems are argued.

but in the trial, the defendant in the defense section, Nora company pleaded guilty, there is nothing to defend. The public prosecutor in the trial said, Nora and the defendant as the pursuit of economic interests, there are a large number of pornographic videos and delayed in supervision of knowing Nora platform, allowing pornographic video spread widely on the Internet, according to article 363rd of the criminal law of People’s Republic of China first, 366th, thirtieth, thirty-first of the provisions, had constituted the dissemination of articles for the purpose of profit mouth should be punished.

but two times after the trial, which accused of spreading obscene articles in Nora’s and the defendant Wang Xin et al profit crime at the same time, the public prosecutor also noted that this case is a new type of crime in the Internet environment, the dissemination of pornographic materials and the traditional way of dissemination of pornographic articles. Product has certain particularity.

Wang Xin defender said, Wang Xin accepted the prosecutor’s allegations, according to the defendant voluntarily pleaded guilty to punish the attitude of the defendant, on the case of the crime of light defense of the case in the light of the law of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China (). From the subjective sense, Wang Xin is not directly aware of the initiative of the spread, Nora technology is not developed for pornographic video. He knows this is not to say that an actor to upload pornographic videos and help the behavior. He said,

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