Savage group purchase chaos vulnerable giant intervention to break down barriers

group purchase mode of low threshold, low cost and no attenuation trend in that group purchase, the domestic wind blowing a group purchase business. Now, there are authoritative statistics, the domestic group purchase website more than more than 4 thousand, compared with last year, an increase of more than ten times the number of. At this rate, thousands of battle or in one or two years to upgrade to the battle of ten thousand regiments. Despite the rapid growth, but in less weight, group purchase goods not board, earning a ticket to leave, refund difficult, poor credit, online shopping and other types of congenital defects still deceive consumers to emerge in an endless stream of trust, group purchase no promotion. Many users are popular with the roar of shouting: you can not afford to buy people can not afford to hurt ah, can not afford to hurt!

IT people said that the development of network group buying fierce, the problem is also fierce. There is no legal constraints on the capital, wild full. Therefore, in the chaos of group purchase is consumers and businesses more inclined to choose cooperation in consumer group purchase of the Internet giant. Buy brand and credit has become a threshold. International and domestic giants have to enter the group, intended to share a cup of soup. Google announced the launch of the group buying service Google Offers. Coincidentally, as a global social networking site leader, Facebook has officially announced the group purchase service Deals.

Google Offers will provide users with local restaurants and shopping deals, and to ensure that users can enjoy a discount price of up to half off and the user is most willing to go". Period, the user can be introduced by the new Google online platform Google Offers registered e-mail notification service. Facebook launched the group purchase services in the United States of Atlanta and Austen, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco 5 city, users can use the Facebook Credits to pay the cost of group purchase virtual currency.

so IT giants involved, will by virtue of the brand, capital, users and other resources, to break the current an easy job to do online shopping market competition pattern and group purchase barriers, but also raise the threshold of group purchase. There may even be innovative development model of group buying. But Google and Facebook are competitors in many businesses, but in the group, Groupon is the strongest enemy, Groupon is not so easy to go beyond.

The competition of the domestic group buying giant

is stereotyped in the advertising bombing strategy. The United States Mission network announced that it will be 130 million yuan of advertising tender plan, the group said its 2011 full year net will be put on the advertising of $550 million; glutinous rice network said it would put the $200 million advertising to CCTV and local TV;

Internet giant intervention, group purchase website financing efforts, it seems to some extent means that competition will gradually enter the stage of group purchase website scale, specialization, capitalization, does not have the competitive ability of group purchase website will be cleaned out." Some analysts such as comments on the prospects for the development of group buying website.

experts said, after a process of survival of the fittest, but finally come from the market

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