How to describe the successful model of Taobao

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before the end of the article about the said Taobao optimization mainly from keyword optimization, a description of goods Decoration optimization, the entire store experience to optimize three aspects to analyze the focus today on the Taobao product description optimization.

what is the role of Taobao product description optimization?

1, to attract customers, improve the conversion rate of commodity turnover (and the most important role).

2, display store promotional information, guide customers to view other goods store, thereby increasing the amount of customer purchases.

This two

is his main role, we are also in the description of the goods do optimization work the guiding thoughts, this is different from the previously written commodity main map optimization, the main role of commodity graph optimization is mainly to improve commercial hits, but can deal mainly rely on the description of the goods


under the guidance of this thinking, the following analysis of the success of the product description optimization steps are generally how to do?

a, display store promotional information.

a customer to enter your product page, you can see all kinds of promotional activities in the store, so even if the customer does not love this piece of goods, but also can stimulate them around in your shop, rather than directly off your page into the other shop. Here we recommend that the promotional activities are made into a piece of an independent picture, easy to add and remove the batch with Taobao assistant.

two, shop selling goods show.

will store the other hot commodities show here, not only convenient for the customer to view other goods store, also contribute to these hot commodity exposure, the so-called East West light does not shine, which you can’t we still have other good style, but also to the store to create a popular business scene.

pay attention to the problem: recommended goods do not too much, a line of four goods, the display of the four or five lines on it, too much impact on the opening speed of the page.

three, product description.

in particular the description of the goods is not simply write a few words of the color of the goods classification, the size of the data, an important role here is to use psychological warfare and specific customer! Can adopt the following methods:

1, the introduction of quality + risk bearing, the texture of the clothes, the level of technology, how, the most popular style and other languages can not be stingy. Risk bearing if the best use of zero risk to bear if "100%" and "return without worry"

2, hot hot rave reviews this screenshot, needless to say, look at the screenshot.

3, post strategy or premium strategy. Buy this product is shipping or free return, buy this product and which can get the gifts and so on

four, merchandise display.

pictures of goods must be real shot pictures, plus HD detail feature. >

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