Lie to make money Three addicted children by playing games 10 earning tens of money hand cramps

As a young

never graduated from junior high school of addiction, his biggest wish is free to play the game, so after dropping out boldly ran when the network. They all think that this is the relative Wazi waste, he not only did not fall, but hit all of a mouth, this person is the founder of hao123.

a brother grew up to be parents to stay away from online games, Study hard to rise head and shoulders above others thought. Today, to be able to talk about this man, no education, no background, no technology, but by playing the game out of the billion worth, even Robin Li have to hold the thigh, WTF? Not in line with common sense ah Hey!

as a junior high school did not graduate youth addiction

his greatest wish is to play the game freely

so after dropping out of school to run as a network management

parents relatives think this is a waste of


he not only did not degenerate


hit everyone with a mouth

when he was playing the game when someone asked him

is so bored to death every time

so do a simple classification of the site

didn’t think this website with a monthly income of 100 thousand

a monthly income of 100 thousand! At that time!


fuck this typical gander

later Sangumaolu Cai Wensheng bring him back to

so they built a fool website

simple to no longer simple

Even if the

is "fool" can play yo yo

oh yes, now the site’s annual earnings of over 300 million

is the founder of hao123

these two legendary fool website

one is hao123, the other is 4399

, don’t say you haven’t heard of

junior high school dropout to play the game, "three" youth addiction life ideal is when a lifetime of network

Li Xingping, who was born in Guangdong, Xingning, was born in the late 70s. He had a simple 70 and a rebel after 80s.

Li Xingping came from a poor family, grandparents are realfarmers, affected peasant ideology, Li Xingping did not finish the second drop out of school to go home, squatting in the ground to help parents do some farm work, Tan heibuliuqiu, but if not, the advent of the Internet era, that a wife give birth to a baby, baby farming his wife is Li Xingping’s life planning.

1999, the advent of the Internet age, the Internet is the suddenness of a thunderbolt swept Chinese Li Xingping followed the students on both sides of the Changjiang River, trembling >

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