15 domain name registration renewal price 5 10 block please promptly submit renewals

    according to reliable sources, on the 15 day on Monday, the international domain name com  net  org    Chinese international domain name.Com will Chinese prices on the basis of now, the price is not clear, there are said to be 5 yuan, that is 10 yuan, next Monday, 15 days will be seen. Related to the China China million net, channel, Beijing, Xinwanghulian, etc. all of the top agents.

      please webmaster timely renew the work, would rather believe it, do not believe it has no.   because the 15 day is Monday, so only the last two days (2 days to renew all registered business or in accordance with the previous price). Please take the time to do renewals work. Especially for some of the domains that are ready to be put into operation for a long time.

      also in this station Chinese million net registered   or http://s.idc.admin5.com; registration of international domain name, please do renewals work. We will always give you the best price.

    the station agent under the domain name renewal, qq:58105514  35996213,     470666    emergency 24 hours Tel: 0516-81978688    13013980666 

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