State Department Com actually in the online auction CNNC called illegal

JINGWAH hotline times June 27th Edition published "the State Council on the Internet found.Com" domain name is being publicly "selling" after a participant in the "State Council There were many discussions..com" domain name, whether privately registered and auction? What is the nature of this event? What will happen? China’s domain name registration authority – China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) responsible person to clarify this.


according to the Internet Information Center Director China office Liu Zhijiang introduction, the State Council ".Com" by the United States launched and managed Chinese domain name, the domain name system Chinese China has not yet been approved by the competent authority, so from a certain point of view, for the suffix to COM domain name Chinese currently in the country has no legal status Chinese.

Chinese according to the provisions of the Ministry of information industry, Chinese legal Chinese top domain name suffix ".Cn", "China.", "company" and "network". (JINGWAH times     Zhong Xin)

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