520 see the battle of starry how deus ex

had to admit that now whether big or small holiday festival into a golden day fishing electricity suppliers, 520 of the original humble day has become a crazy online shopping day, the major electricity supplier to limelight.


maximum in Taobao’s annual "double eleven" promotional activities in the last year, women’s starry, Amoy brand Liebo, Yan man more than the traditional brand Only, swept the top three. And just a month ago, Mori Maka 2 billion yuan to a premium of times the acquisition of men’s clothing brand GXG, in addition to taking advantage of the latter in the high-end men’s channel advantage, can not be ignored is the brilliant performance of GXG online sales.

2010 August, GXG Taobao flagship store formally launched, and set up an online operating company. Three months later, in the double eleven activities, the daily sales exceeded 10 million, which has already had hundreds of stores in the traditional brand has been labeled Amoy brand label. Some analysts believe that the acquisition of Semir’s high price action shows that the future development trend of the traditional brand electricity supplier really pay attention.

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