Clothing store delivery service ingenious solution off season

no matter what business, it is impossible to have been very hot, there is always a low season, off-season business how to do better? Monday to Friday is generally a clothing store in the bleak period, this time, we are not at work is to go to school, so this time is so deserted there? The store looked at his dismal turnover and high store rent, would you? Do not worry, if you do not have time to go shopping, you can open the store in the store delivery service to help you in the off-season can also create high turnover.

clothing store owner small Yan is rattling pictures, she said shoot are new arrivals, ready access to customers to do online marketing. Last month, the small Yan in QQ built a group, which is her old customers, clothing photos on the Internet, customers can online ordering, then come with express delivery. Anyway, the network is also convenient, online banking can be a direct remittance, buyers do not meet the seller can do business. If the customer can buy back wearing inappropriate replacement".

in the white T-shirt wholesale mall specializing in Qin Maple can use this trick, her shop was opened in May this year, but soon entered the bottleneck period, the total customer complain to her, too lazy to go out to see the goods, she registered a photo album online, to each customer to leave QQ number and photo album address each new stock that will be new to take photos, notify the customer on the album to see samples, orders amounted to 200 yuan will be free door-to-door. Qin Feng introduction, the move is very effective to stabilize the old customers. T-shirt wholesale choice too much, in the eyes of the customer I am not the only choice, but this service is very intimate, they will be happy to patronize.

clothing many shopkeepers have said, take pictures, etc. shipment delivery does increase the workload on weekends or holidays, into the season, there is no need to take into account the online marketing, this is a season to spend after all meet the transaction is a matter of expediency, the traditional way is more reliable".

about the clothing store business, perhaps a lot of people have their own views, hope Xiaobian recommended can really help to you, in the clothing business process, we should seize the characteristics of each period, when the off-season sales do not worry, find a way out at the end of an antidote against the disease, and let your clothing store better, all year round is a peak period.

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