Join the lighting market hot site selection tips

lighting can dress up our living environment, lighting to join the market fiery, but also by the attention of many entrepreneurs, lighting stores have a lot of skills, of which the site is very important. Xiao Bian today to introduce you to the selection of lighting stores.

1, with the focus of the industry, such as lighting market, building materials market, decorative materials city. More of these local lighting operators to passenger consumption is very clear, "shop city duolong" effect.

2, has just completed the delivery of large residential occupancy began in this type of shop cost is relatively low, the location of highly targeted, can be placed "stop" should be timely to take the tenants bridal decoration lamp quantity. In addition, high-grade residential areas can also be around. The region is densely populated, the source is stable and the consumption potential is large.

3, large and medium-sized furniture city, home supporting center, large and medium-sized household appliances city, etc.. The region has a good brand effect and market appeal, publicity and accurate positioning, clear target groups.

4, business center (large shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets) or fashion blocks (pedestrian street). Such a large area of human traffic, strong brand radiation, passenger protection, no seasonal differences in sales.

to open lighting stores, skill is still very necessary, stores opened in the appropriate lighting area, can attract more customers. Lighting franchise stores in the home industry with suitable product intensive areas, as well as a large number of people in the region.


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