Need to pay attention to the details of changes and improvements in a big effect to open a noodle sh

Street everywhere is our noodle shop frequented, precisely because of the pressure on the noodle shop, a large, NAG their breaking fingers to calculate that the garlic and oil costs, a total increase of more than and 130 dollars, but each sold more than 100 bowls, profits increased 300 yuan, the two month the total body more than before about 200 bowls per day, really good. Not only that, Boiled dumplings sales also increased by several times.

thinks he’s okay,

one day, because the home is too late, I went to the area downstairs old open "Lanzhou Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef shop at a Sliced noodles. The horse and the author is an old acquaintance, meet the first sentence of the author said, now Hand-Pulled Noodle shop business is not as good. I am engaged in the marketing, then asked: why? The horse said, do not know. The old horse said, ah, you really are very careless! How can this not be studied? So I followed the old horse, around two km near the turn, focus on competing stores.

we soon found that there’s a new Shaxian County snack, big street opened a new store in Lanzhou Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef. Maradona said this a few not to regard it as right, I knew from their store opened last month. The author asked: all know, why don’t you think they will affect your business? The horse said: I feel better than their store these new store, don’t worry about what. Then he also confidently listed their advantages:

1. long time. He was in the house downstairs to open six or seven years, opponents before opening a month old is advantage.

2. taste good. My Hand-Pulled Noodle soup taste is very good, has its own unique technology.

3. good flour. With the good flour, the master of the Hand-Pulled Noodle Kung Fu is also very good.

4. fresh vegetables. Hand-Pulled Noodle in vegetables, all day long from the market to buy fresh.

5. foot. A bowl of beef Hand-Pulled Noodle, ensure the component, do not bully.

6. good advertising. Billboard stores two meters high, a metre wide, or position.

are small details to blame

old cudgel thinking half a day do not know what is wrong, let me pointing to help. So, I took the horse to go to the store to experience a. Let him see it, and the horse into the newly opened shop, I would also like to eat a bowl of noodles, silently, no speech, just observe and reflect the demands of customers across other stores. I communicate with the horse and implement the back:


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