Nanjing college students to apply for venture capital loans to further reduce the threshold

although our country has already launched a number of entrepreneurial guarantee loan policy, but in the past and not many entrepreneurs to apply for success, the original is because the application threshold is too high, and complicated procedures affect the success rate of the application. Now around the threshold of venture capital loans have been reduced, entrepreneurs can be described as a good gospel.

, lowering the threshold of partnership business loans up to 500 thousand yuan

to lower the threshold? "Opinions" put forward, Nanjing will establish entrepreneurial loans Easy Access, in Colleges and universities in Nanjing, accredited business park registered students start operating entity, after examination may be exempted from anti security requirements.

Nanjing in addition to give a one-time subsidies for the construction of the municipal entrepreneurial carrier approved, also to subsidize the incubation results, each incubator project subsidy of not more than 5000 yuan. To meet the conditions of the initial entrepreneurial entities, settled in the government identified entrepreneurial carrier, can be provided in accordance with the actual conditions of 30 square meters of free venue or grant subsidies. In the business venture outside the business park, giving no more than 800 yuan monthly rent subsidies. The use of its own real estate business, given a monthly 300 yuan of water, electricity and other basic operating subsidies. The above subsidies do not repeat the enjoyment, the longest no more than 3 years.

"opinion" clearly, the Small and micro businesses recruit new graduate college graduates a year, signed a 1 year contract and pay social insurance fees, giving 1 years of social insurance subsidies according to the actual amount of payment. Nanjing membership recruit graduates, and then give a one-time award 2000 yuan subsidy per person. For small and micro enterprises in the monthly sales of not more than 30 thousand yuan of value-added tax small-scale taxpayers and monthly turnover of not more than 30 thousand yuan of business tax payers, temporarily exempt from value-added tax and business tax.

"opinion" the household registration in the city for more than 40 years of age, men and women over the age of 50, enjoy the minimum recommended

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