Tips for running a coffee shop

do some tricks, always can’t be wrong. In particular, the management industry, but also need a lot of learning methods. If you are working in a coffee shop, what are the options? Xiaobian summed up some of the experience, I hope to help you find the right way to find a quick look at it.

first, the choice of coffee beans know-how

coffee beans must be sorted, baked, grinding and other production process. The so-called baking is to stir the coffee to produce flavor, and easy to grind.

As for the

has been opened in a small cafe facing economic environment, should be deeply discussed, the first concern in the same cafe around the trend, analyze its strengths and weaknesses; at the same time to consider their own customers whether the class change, further to make the appropriate adjustments in the management system. To create their own business style, has become a personalized coffee shop, is a small and medium coffee shops must be established on the characteristics of management.

two, district management tips

, of course, an operator may not in addition to the store condition were not, he must really understand to the shop the customer is approximately within the range. And how in-depth investigation of this area population of births and income status, occupation status and consumption characteristics etc.. In order to grasp the consumption habits of the region, in order to carry out a series of sales activities for its needs, which is the so-called "business district management".

three, the tips of excellent service

the quality management and service as a whole is the need to pay attention to the strategic business plan, such as coffee, coffee purchasing development, inventory management, integrated logistics and commodity business process, has a very close relationship with the enhancement of coffee commodity.

secondly, the service staff at the coffee shop. To have an elegant posture, and pay attention to clothing, makeup and other instruments; reception customers, there should be an appropriate expression, attitude and appropriate response.

coffee shop, you need to learn a lot of ways. The above suggestions are from several major business management direction, I hope you can help, let you know the direction of efforts. If you still have questions you can continue to find relevant information, learn more business experience.

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