Small business venture can not be ignored

as long as there is no simple business, because their road is not flat. Small venture capital investment, although small, but it will cause some impact. For grassroots entrepreneurs, many of them are from scrappy started, may be a store, an office, or a single-handed gun, or a small investment management company to do business two not mistake, no matter what form of small business at the beginning of the first to have a certain business risk prevention consciousness.


essential insurance

many individual entrepreneurs are to buy insurance insurance is ignored, but is a small investment guarantee, is essential. I have to say that there are two insurance, one employee personal insurance (injury insurance, accident insurance, hospitalization insurance), and the two is the property insurance (theft). Many small businesses are not for employees to buy work-related injury or accident insurance, although the provisions of labor laws and regulations, not to mention the medical aspects of the. But as business owners, as long as the establishment of labor relations in fact, employees out of the accident (injury, illness, death, robbery) are not out of the relationship between enterprise, pay a lot. My former business of red brick, a temporary worker accidentally into the inlet, the results will lead us to our factory (bankruptcy claims, event handling time). One of my friends, to run a shop at night, shop girl was raped and killed one break, although is broken, but the compensation is my friend, the results also led to the store closed.

two, security facilities also need

Although the


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