Move to less Chishu Zhongzhi entrepreneurial model

entrepreneurial team is emphasized in every entrepreneur, its importance is self-evident. The era of science and technology entrepreneurs have been changed from "move" to "less Chishu", knowledge is the most powerful weapon for people to start a business.

the gene is conceived by an American game called blessed high-tech entrepreneurial platform, attracting more than 200 experts and scholars sayfo cutting-edge technology from more than and 70 well-known research institutions and universities.

According to the

Xtecher person in charge Qi Zongchao said that we get together through the network of scientific and technological personnel, the use of their spare time, test equipment and other hardware and software, targeted to solve the problem.

has formed a number of trimaran business results on the Xtecher website, such as by entomologists, scientists, light manufacturing industry developed laser mosquito equipment; through the connection of industrial networking and hazardous chemical sensors, can be real-time alarm information sent to the mobile phone testing personnel is recommended

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