Blind couple entrepreneurship eighteen years from self reliance to help others

young people now mostly for their own ideals and dreams of wealth. But a lot of people start their own business just to survive. In particular, the disabled entrepreneurial groups, physical disability makes it difficult for them to engage in the work of normal people, entrepreneurship has become a way for them to find a way out.

in the District of Qingyang city streets less Binsheng street there is a little massage parlors, no striking signs, but there are a lot of customers come here. There is only one reason, massage parlors boss Chen Bing couple are blind, since 1997, with 7000 yuan business, not only for the people around two people have praised Canada more skills, the couple admired the spirit of self-reliance.

11 23 April in Binsheng street a Blind Massage shop, the boss Chen Bingzheng skillfully for a young customer massage. Master Chen craft is very good, his shop opened here for more than and 10 years, we have become regulars in the shop." Li Qinyun, who lives in Osmanthus Lane said.

2001, the couple worked hard to buy the first house in their lives. The store also developed from the previous one to two, all in the same street, have a care for each other.

as blind Chen Bing couples can have a better understanding of people’s hardships, only two of their own business shop, has been helping other blind people, provide training, recommended for them

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