n 2014 the number of college students increased by 119 thousand

in order to ease the employment pressure of college students, entrepreneurship has become an option to encourage the government and colleges and universities, and provides a number of supporting policies for young customers who open a green channel. The number of college students has increased significantly in the past two years.

three support funds. For business loans and discount business students with no more than 100 thousand yuan amount, for the partnership or organized business can also according to the actual need to further increase the amount, but also encourage enterprises, industry associations, NGOs and other angel investors in a variety of ways to provide financial support for college students entrepreneurship.

five in policy support. Cancel the restrictions placed on college graduates to allow college graduates to settle in the entrepreneurial process.


this year with double activity open, social entrepreneurship atmosphere has been further improved, students entrepreneurs or digital will be further improved. The government will continue to strengthen college students’ entrepreneurial project support and guidance, in order to improve business efficiency but also to achieve steady business to increase the success rate of recommendation

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