Drink healthy drinking water in Chongqing Dazu district do

serious environmental pollution, so that our water source has suffered serious pollution, the number of water sources in many parts of the country have problems, for the broad masses of the people’s health caused a serious threat. The reporter learned from the Dazu District of Chongqing City, 2016, Dazu district water sector rapid development of the water conservancy work, complete all kinds of water conservancy investment 1 billion 179 million yuan, of which 504 million yuan of funds above the level of district level, 52 million yuan of funds, other funds 623 million yuan, effectively solve the safety problems of drinking water and improved including Gaoping Town, 27 towns in the region farmers nearly 30 thousand villagers.

town of Gaoping is one of the most remote mountainous area of Chongqing City, bordering Anyue County of Sichuan Province, is high in drought prone areas, people drinking water problems. Previously, Liu Zeguang and a local villagers, home life and production of water on the water near the pond, once encountered drought, water shortage, and ponds perennial disrepair, water storage capacity, water production and life is very difficult.

2016, in Dazu district water authority under the support of the local focus on solving the water problem. Renovation of dangerous mountain Pingtang, ponds, small type reservoir, people living water, agricultural irrigation difficult phenomenon has been significantly improved. The successful implementation of tap water renovation project at the same time, currently more than 70% of rural households like Liu Zeguang in the town to eat the tap water, solve the problem of the weather.

the majority of people want to drink healthy drinking water, on the one hand to strengthen their awareness of environmental protection, on the other hand can not be separated from the local government to take action. In addition, the local also built Laixi river river revetment 5 kilometers, reinforcement 13 small 2 reservoir, renovation construction channel 49 km, repair 675 Ping Shan Tong, 11 new mountain Pingtang remediation, 19 stone weirs, comprehensive control of soil erosion area of 50 square kilometers, add, restoration and improvement of irrigated area of more than 90 thousand acres, the new and restored more than 1 million 820 thousand cubic meters of water.

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