How to do green tree planting business

now this era, only you can not think, almost no business can not be done on the market. As long as we can grasp the needs of people, while paying attention to the efforts, will make their business really hot and good development. While the city greening tree species need more tree species commonly used are: the north of cedar, gingko, adapt to the south of camphor, Magnolia, sweet scented osmanthus etc..

do green tree planting business? Planting large green tree species with high economic benefits. According to the current situation, a certain degree of crude camphor trees ranging from several hundred dollars to thousands of yuan, many tens of thousands of dollars. Planting tree species, the average annual income of more than 667 yuan per square meter more than 10000 yuan, and the management is simple, less investment. In order to improve the land utilization rate, increase revenue, early planting cultivation, when the tree grows to a certain size, interval sale, economic efficiency will be higher.

[development direction]

do green tree planting business? The greening of the city due to the special requirements of environment, short time, good greening effect, a forest. Especially for attractions, residential, to achieve immediate results. Urban greening more and more attention to the cultivation of trees. In order to achieve the winter can still see the green, urban greening tree species to the direction of evergreen trees.

in order to heighten the atmosphere, city greening tree species in the leaf, there must also be flowers, fruit, flowers, planting fruit trees is a trend. Planting trees do business? Some places will flower, tree planting, greening tree species, should focus on the development of flower, tree, this tree is easy to sell cultivation. If some places with camphor tree, ordinary camphor as greening trees in the main local.

[cultivation technology]


camphor tree cultivation


1. requirements of the environmental conditions of camphor trees, tall tree, excellent plant alone species, can also be used for planting out.


likes the warm and humid climate, capable of short-term 160C at low temperature. A shade tree saplings, young sunny requirements. Deep root sex, bad ventilation ability of soil, but not resistant to water for a long time, in acidic, slightly acidic sandy loam soils on the growth of good performance.

There are red and green camphor camphor two types of

2. types of green camphor camphor, camphor is cold resistant, the growth potential is slightly strong, suitable for planting in our country a little north of some place. Red camphor cold resistant ability is weak, the suitable planting throughout the south.


3. cultivation method at present mainly in the seed breeding. Camphor tree planting should be 3 ~ 4 years old seedlings, rows, rows 2 meters ×>

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