How to deal with customer bargaining open shop

is an industry now no matter what, as long as it is to do business, will encounter a variety of bargain. How to deal with these bargain, then to become a very distressing thing shopkeepers. So, how to deal with the customer bargain glasses shop open?

understand the glasses industry knows, glasses store and clothing store customers, most love to do is to bargain, and we as a manager, hate is bargaining behavior, originally glasses products 10 times profit, just cut to 5 times the profits, although still very considerable, but we still have to seek maximum benefits? So we as a shop owner, how to deal with the customer’s bargain?

Understanding the bargain behavior of

we must be clear what kind of behavior, bargaining is a kind of social behavior, can not be avoided, we don’t want to stop the customer to bargain, this is not possible, on the contrary, it can prove that the customer is required to buy this bargain glasses. Customers often bargain because of lack of awareness of the product. And we should use a variety of ways to allow customers to understand and familiar with the glasses, to allow customers to feel the advantages of the glasses.

second, so we have been saying that the glasses industry good service is also very important, if we receive optometry, glasses, and a series of services do very place, let the customer feel the warmth of home, so he will not put the price cut to the dead, everyone set aside to consult some space to the satisfaction of all. Service is also a very important point is professional. If you are in the process of explaining to the customer is very professional, then the customer will be very reassuring to you, so sales will greatly reduce the difficulty.

customers will bargain, we should feel happy, after all, if the customer for this product was not interested, not interested in its price level. So, if you open a shop, meet customers bargain, first put positive attitude, then according to the above method, it will bring you more profit in return.

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