The clothing chain store sales to the heart

many people want to open a clothing chain, but not very understanding of the operating skills of the clothing chain. It is very important to sell this piece of clothing in order to have a good business. Open clothing chain, smile is the best service, as long as out of nature, you can infect the customer, the voice must be gentle, natural, powerful, clear and confident.

The five kind of mood at the time of sale:

1. confidence: confidence is an intangible quality that can be obtained without taking a pill, but can be developed by   an important investment in the future.

2.: love to be regarded as customers for their loved ones, friends, want to use your services so that customers feel.

3. patient: in sales, customers can buy in the grasp of the premise, must be very patient, thoughtful have a tenacity.

4. perseverance: unwilling to fail, to continue to work one by one.

5. seize the hearts of customers: to grasp the customer’s psychological dynamics, what to do next, what needs.


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