Operators how to attract women’s eye

this age would not sell themselves in, want to do good business, can obtain consumer attention and recognition that, in every successful shop operators, everywhere filled with the love of life, beautify the breath of life. From the warm, romantic and fashionable design of the shop management project to the management level of service, and not every hour and moment in encouraging infected with every body in which consumers, consumer desire also inadvertently beat up. How to attract women eyeball:

how to attract women’s eye 1, stylish gadgets

fashionable goods, is a woman forever choice. The clothing store clothing, fashion jewelry, boutique fashion handbag, toy bear knitting wool shop, daily necessities, packaged snacks in the supermarket is a woman’s love.

how to attract women eyeball 2, sweet talk

for example, Miss Tan tried on two sets of clothes, a dress, a female suit. Female clothing store owner, said: "you put the two sets are good-looking, dress very casual weekend wear, dress is suitable for you this kind of white-collar work wear, two have it, give you twenty percent off." Miss Tan is full of joy, the thought of wearing out the effect, what of this investment?

discounts attract more women. Everyone to a certain extent, like the petty gain, the woman is even more so. The store opened to earn money to send, the store goods twenty percent off concessions, these signs are usually able to seize the hearts of women.

how to attract women eyeball 3, beautiful trap

if you are a first-time entrepreneur, do not know how to attract the attention of consumers, you can see how others are doing, so that they can learn some, 28 year old Wei is a regular beauty salon. Her enthusiasm for the author said: "I started to do skin care a year ago, when I don’t love to dress up, once in the department store shopping when someone gave me a free beauty card, I will try to do a facial skin care.

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