A beautiful lie lovestruck man 800 WeChat male friends cheated 200 thousand

men play the beautiful WeChat cheat lovestruck man, deception everywhere fraudulently obtained a total of more than 20 yuan. The police have the man Xingju, according to a survey of the suspect on WeChat with more than and 800 friends, all his potential customers.

man pretending to cheat spoony male beauty ten, pure avatar cited 800 people approached about guns, claiming Beijing   graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, the social network on the picture is very pure and lovely she attracted many male friends admired, we only see beauty side, have their own money to please her when drawing model, results, behind the innocent girl is actually a poor businessman.

Behind this mask

1 on the morning of Sept. 9 8 am, 26 year old Zheng police said, in December 20th last year, he in the Siming District of Xiamen city in Hong Qiao, through the WeChat search for nearby people know a woman, each claiming to be "Zheng Xiaomin", graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, now in Xiamen, part-time as a model. Look at the other side of the picture is pure and lovely, single Zheng very seductive, repeatedly and chatting with each other after that the other side when a model 280 yuan, he is December 21st on WeChat to transfer 280 yuan to invite the other as a model, but ultimately did not see the other side.

Jeong repeatedly in WeChat on the expression of affection, the woman claiming to be Zheng Xiaomin has not rejected, two people talked enthusiastically when "Zheng Xiaomin" said Grandma will also need money, and parents chat to Jeong, Jeong believed to its transfer. A few days later, my mother was ill, "Zheng Xiaomin" to the uncle to buy the casket in a car accident, his car in a traffic accident and other reasons scam Jeong emerge in an endless stream, every time to stand up.

until January 7th, Jeong to transfer 30 times, totaling 103 thousand and 600 yuan, many of which are borrowed from a friend jeong.

1 on the evening of 7 August, Zheng Xiaomin WeChat downline, recalled his many transfers to each other, and now suddenly lost contact with each other, Jeong found himself may be cheated, and quickly alarm.

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