How to join a good bread

a lot of people are asking "bread is good" this brand how? What is its market positioning? Which side of the consumer object. "Bread is good" to "light food and beverage" as the main, positioning high-end mass consumption, to meet the needs of modern people’s health, light meals, leisure. In 2015, the bread of the first "hourly pricing" sales model, to create a disruptive innovation of local bakery brands.

good bread is currently the only one with the 4A advertising companies bakery brand, is also the country’s rare to have a large central plant baking brands, through the distribution form of the expansion of stores and homemade stores, plans in the country to achieve high density coverage, has become Chinese high impact brand baking.

how’s the bread? How to join?

bread joined the advantages of introduction:

1. pioneered the hourly pricing baked sales model

2.’s only bakery brand with 4A advertising company

3. set up baking industry’s first cross-border product R & D team brand

4. the first and only the freshly baked bakery baked into a group of 100 brand

5. founded the baking business school training system brand

6. original domestic advanced store marketing management system brand

7. has a large bakery chain software management system baking brand

The only

8. brand

has the ability to Quantuo system services to the franchisee

9. one of the few countries with a large central plant baking brand

10. to the Internet as the leading brand of innovative baking

bread joined the process

1. contract signed

2. shop location, shop design, finalized, decoration

3. trainees, staff pre recruit

4. preparations for opening, staff, master

5. trial business

6. normal operation, new product learning and promotion

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