Bath cabinet list of the top ten brands

a perfect bathroom, nature also needs a more reliable quality bath cabinet, it is because of this demand, so that the bath cabinet market is more and more broad. 2016 has been more than half of the year, but this year’s bath cabinet ten brands ranking you have to understand? We are in the home decoration is also necessary to take into account the bath cabinet, so look at the specific situation of the ten major brands bath cabinet is very favorable to their own. Come down with a small series together to find out the top ten brands bath cabinet bar.

bath cabinet ten brands list: NO. Arrow.

Arrow bathroom cabinet – Foshan city Shunde District Lehua Ceramic Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd is a production of "ARROW Arrow" high quality sanitary ware, tiles and related products of the large modern integrated science and technology enterprises, mainly the production of ARROW Arrow ceramic sanitary ware, acrylic bathtub, shower room, surf bathtub, steam room, bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet, PVC chrome copper faucet, stainless steel pots and hardware accessories.

bath cabinet ten brands list NO.: Kohler.

Kohler – Kohler

bath cabinet to the pursuit of elegant life as the highest realm, and strive to make each products reach the scale of art. In the Kohler world, peoplealwayslookforthesupremequality, perfectdetails, classicbeautyandharmoniousfashion.

bath cabinet ten brands list NO.: annwa.


bath cabinet – "from North American bathroom fashion" Annwa pioneering spirit of innovation heritage, bath cabinet and ancillary products specialize in the manufacturing of high quality, to improve people’s life quality sanitary ware "for the mission, is committed to creating a North American high quality bathroom life, provide free, unrestrained, comfortable and healthy with North American style bathroom bathroom products to the masses of users.

bath cabinet ten brands list NO.: FAENZA.


bath cabinet – Foshan City Faenza Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is an integrated set of design, development, production, sales of "FAENZA FAENZA" high quality sanitary ware, tiles and related products, modern large-scale ceramic sanitary ware enterprises. The company covers an area of more than 400 acres, specializing in the production of "FAENZA" brand ceramic sanitary ware, bathtub, bath room, bathroom cabinet, faucet, metal pendants.

bath cabinet ten brands list NO.: SUNCOO.

The design style of

fashion was to lead the new trend of bathroom culture SUNCOO, by broad consumers. G meaning enterprising, harmonious development, formed a production and research base for building materials Industrial Co. Ltd. the main rivers…… A large number of technical research and development staff and marketing management team, just a few years, >

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