Operating a steamed stuffed bun shop can make money

is one of the Chinese traditional delicacy steamed stuffed bun, because from the sales so far, although the ordinary but also will never disappear from this world, the traditional food and beverage. Heritage of traditional Chinese technology, open a steamed stuffed bun shop, do business heritage. Old emblem square steamed stuffed bun shop mainly engaged in the main features of steamed buns, by the customer’s praise, and growing development. So a steamed stuffed bun store can make money? Look at the following buns profit analysis you know.

baozi profit analysis:

meat package profit

10 pounds (5kg) plus 10 pounds of meat sandwich leg (5kg) and water (10kg) plus 20 pounds of fat, salt, MSG, chicken, sugar, soy sauce, onion, ginger, mix the ingredients together, is 22.5kg.

our baozi meat stuffing is 35 grams, 22500 grams /35 grams of =642 buns, steamed 642 *1.5 yuan / month =963 yuan.

10 Jin forelegs sandwich meat is 100 yuan, 20 pounds of fat is 90 yuan, plus spices, gas, a total of 270 yuan.

our dough is 55 grams, 10 pounds of flour plus 5 pounds of water, yeast, sugar, baking powder, modifier, and 8180 grams. 8180 g /55 g =148 buns. That bag of 642 steamed stuffed buns is a total of 43.2 pounds of flour. Flour is 93 yuan /50 jin. 43.2 pounds of flour is $81.

sell baozi is 963 yuan, the cost is 270 yuan minus the steamed meat stuffing + flour 81 yuan =351 yuan. Gross profit =963-351=612 yuan. (there are slight differences in various parts of the price of meat) gross margin remained above 60%.

Caibao profit

winter vegetables is 0.6 yuan / Jin, summer is $1.4 / kg. The average down is 1 yuan / Jin, 10 pounds of vegetables is $10. After treatment is 7 pounds. 7 pounds of vegetables with salt, MSG, letinous edodes, chicken, sugar, seasoning, mix together is 4452 grams. 4452 g /35 g =127 buns. 127 steamed stuffed bun *1.5=190.5 yuan.

10 pounds of vegetables is 10 yuan, plus letinous edodes, spices, gas, a total of 35 yuan

127 steamed stuffed bun flour is: 1 pounds of flour bag, steamed buns, steamed buns with 8.6 pounds of flour, 127. 8.6 pounds of flour is $16. Steamed buns sold 190.5 yuan, minus the cost of buns is $51. Gross profit =190.5-51=138.5 yuan. > >

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