How to advertise your brand

we often see all kinds of advertisements on TV and all kinds of advertisements. For advertising itself, it is for consumers to recognize the brand. If the audience does not understand the meaning of the ad, the ad is a failure. So how to advertise your brand?

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Some common

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two, suspense.

advertising to be successful, the key is to stimulate customer interest in watching advertisements. Many of the best advertising has been cleverly designed to create a certain suspense, causing customers to guess, and then push out the advertising object. For example, a few years ago, Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang came to Shanghai for the first time, and the theater owner bought the front page of one of Shanghai’s most famous newspapers. The first day, full page print only 3 words — Mei Lanfang. We do not understand what it means, immediately aroused interest and speculation. The second day, the newspaper or the 3 words. The curious phoned to the newspaper, the newspaper said: "tomorrow to see the outcome." Because of the mystery of advertising, more and more people pay close attention to. Until the end of the day, a full page advertisement in "Mei Lanfang" 3 words published below a line of small print:

this ad has inspired Shanghai people’s curiosity, you want to preview the stampede in. Mei Lanfang’s performance was a great success, this ad has thus become a classic in the history of Chinese advertising.

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