Micro entrepreneurship need to pay attention to what

micro entrepreneurship means to start the work with a small amount of work, the current micro entrepreneurship has become the mainstream trend of college graduates entrepreneurship. From school to society, it is a huge gap between theory and practice. For ambitious students, engaged in "micro entrepreneurs" should pay attention to what?

in the public venture, the highly innovative era, many college students are out immediately to find jobs after graduation "single plank bridge", from the moment out of school have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. However, it is difficult to deny that the students studying in the ivory tower, entering the blue ocean venture, inevitably confused. Recently, jointly sponsored by Guangdong province GF Securities Fund and the national social welfare KAB Promotion Office of "University micro Entrepreneurship Forum" held in Zhongshan University station Tenth National tour.

for many graduating students, obtain an angel investor or a venture of all ages, many things entrepreneurial team diligently strive after college, but the Limited by Share Ltd GF Securities Investment Banking Department Senior Manager, quasi sponsor representative Su Hailing remind college students before the start of the first to "pick up the mobile phone, check the enterprise credit information query APP". The ownership structure behind the company to investors, executives and shareholders constitute the background information, even in the process of wooing investment, should be fully alert to the possible pitfalls".

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