South Nanjing Zhujianglu Road Zhongguancun Beijing

as the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, Nanjing city has a non general history. This allows Nanjing to maintain an orderly pace in the development process. In 13th Five-Year the beginning of the year, Nanjing will focus on the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, to maintain Nanjing’s continuing momentum.

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2016 is worth looking forward to is located in the northeast corner of Xinjiekou Central Business District of Nanjing, Xuanwu Period very aspect: in the super six star The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Deji Plaza Phase Two will be opened, kairun Jincheng Apple’s flagship store will also run, Zhongshan Road famous street to improve cluster effect; eastward extension of the Zhongshan Gate will located in the cultural tourism innovation district. Xuanwu District is the most concentrated area as the carrier of the Republic of China Building in Nanjing City, after Zhong Lanli, Mei Yuan, Changjiang Road reconstruction, will build Hezekiah Da Tang cultural and Creative Industry Park, Huayuan Road culture art Chiaki science and Technology Industrial Park this year.

to achieve business development achievements, to carry forward the spirit of innovation, self promotion. Based on tradition, continuous innovation, entrepreneurs and the government to work together, so that the ancient capital of Nanjing shine a new luster.

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