Kawasho of nternet plus under the Sichuan development opportunities

2015 economic impact of the Sichuan people in the official promulgation of the recent, many well-known influence of the gathering of Chengdu. These business strongman to expand the site to discuss in a ceremony on the current development of the Internet in the field of enterprise direction.

Compared with

"and that year, now the business situation is different, in favor of" small and beautiful ", seize the user pain points, small also has big market demand." Sichuan as "the most growth enterprise leader" award, Chengdu Jiao Longgang founder Huang Yujiao reviews.

"is to us to seize the user pain points, to success in the market." The music Migu Migu music CEO Liao Yu said: focus on product innovation, marketing innovation, system innovation and service innovation, and actively explore the emerging field of copyright operation, membership services, online entertainment, music, sound and other brokerage family user pain points, to promote the music industry healthy and rapid development of innovative.

26 year old left Xiao Chengdu deep springs Technology Co., CEO, founder of the medical clinical experience if the water, through the polymerization of Concord, Huaxi and other top domestic hospitals, will output the best treatment plan for Chinese primary care. Sick people want to go to the top three hospitals, because many good doctors, the Internet can bring together a large number of high-quality medical resources, to solve the problem of uneven regional medical resources."

is similar to his ideas, and Chengdu Medical Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Wang Shirui: "the Internet is conducive to the realization of treatment through the Internet registration, a classification of patients according to the illness to hospitals of different grades." Meanwhile, the emerging Internet companies can also supply chain, the development of Sichuan’s medical industry guide.

of emerging enterprises, big data is a "booster". In the view of Chengdu leeg Technology Co., founder and CEO Feng Zehai, big data can be applied to the legal profession. "Before, we find a lawyer introduced by my friend, the lawyer is by word of mouth, but with big data, customers in the selection of a lawyer, the lawyer win rate, and good lawsuit type, can be clear at a glance."

Internet will each industry in the face of the market have expanded more than doubled, companies want to expand the market in talent shows itself, to the precise positioning of consumer. Whether it is "small and beautiful" or "big and complete", are able to develop a profitable route.

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