How to open a children’s photography studio

now society, the maternal industry overall development, with the domestic market, fully relax some fertility policy, there are more and more children and related industries began to rise, and caused a new round of business opportunities.

ready to open children’s photography studio you can choose their own shop, can also choose a photographic studio to join venture, however, no matter what kind, the photographic studio of the process is to understand the specific.

1, the camera: you can use Canon 300D (about 5000), Fuji S2 (about 12000), Nikon d70s  (set 12000)


2, 35-135mm, 28-135mm preferred type lens: lens, suitable for a length of 5.5 meters of the studio. Secondly, the optional 35-105mm 28-105mm lens for 5 meters below the length of the studio.

3, lighting: studio lights can choose 300 index 4, achieve the required index in 0.5-0.7 seconds back, can not call back all the light in the compulsory. In addition, also need to configure two 60× Softboxes 90mm (the main light, auxiliary light each). The crane lights the best selection day slide tracks or strange hand arm.


4, background, clothing, props: can choose some monochrome background, but also can choose some outstanding photographic studio features design background, costumes and props are free to choose, but not too life (otherwise, parents will take the camera in the usual feeling, shoot live in this kind of feeling and consciousness will affect the consumer).

actually for many operators, now runs a photographic studio, want good business, need timely recommendation

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