How to open a small barber shop

in recent years, the beauty salon industry is developing rapidly, all kinds of brand chain agencies jumped from the market share. For many entrepreneurs, if you want to do hairdressing industry, do small business is also a good investment choice. So what are the barber shop operating skills? Here’s a look at the experience of the District opened barber shop entrepreneurs, hoping to provide some inspiration for your business.

District barber shop business is not good to do

in front of the shop, I have done an investigation, the district has more than 2 thousand households, but only a hair salon. A rough calculation, if 2000 households per household per month in the hair area spending 20 yuan, so each store monthly turnover will reach 20 thousand yuan, can be said that the market capacity is enough, but their only spend 2000 yuan monthly rent shop.

and I rented a 60 square meters of shops, the monthly rent of 2000 yuan, the decoration equipment, a total investment of about 40 thousand yuan, big industry, small take commission.

but after more than a year of operation, I found that the actual return is not as good as expected. Barber shop to make money? Store turnover in addition to the Lunar New Year holiday, rarely able to break through 15 thousand yuan. Our analysis found that the store opened on or in a residential area, many residents only do type, straight, cut on the first clip here, those living such as perm and dyeing, are willing to go to commercial street shops to do. And shops in the District, it is difficult to attract customers outside, and sometimes a month down, I got the money has not been two large.

District barber shop entrepreneurial experience

two persistence let me benefit

insists not to compete with price wars

small barber shop business is not very good, but I couldn’t give up, because a year later, the shop in the community also has a reputation, a lot of people are fixed here, I decided to try for a year, to improve the operation quality of the store.

in the business, I am determined not to price war. When just opened, because the decoration is good, work craft or traffic to another salon to lose each other in desperation, playing the price war. Several regular projects hit 50 percent off.

but in the most difficult times, I did not take the form of low price competition. Open the barber shop to make money? If Haircut from 20 yuan to 10 yuan, the short term low consumption to win customers, but those of the original customers is likely to drain, and they were the most lasting consumption group, the price is too low will make customers doubt is not down.

all I can do is focus on Service >

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