What business can be done in the school gate

middle school entrance generally do what business is better? Different schools have their own characteristics of the environment, the market is the best choice of the project. Xiaobian finishing a number of investment options, I hope you can help businesses to dig a good profit. Let’s have a look.

the redemption price of mobile phone is the best in the range of $300-600. As long as the sale of a purchase price, compared to the tens of dollars to one hundred or two hundred yuan is still huge profits. While the purchase mostly saw these mobile phone novel appearance, multiple functions, and low price.

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sold mainly is the flavor of the Egg Tart, high school students love to eat in this category, each Egg Tart by her personally baked, every morning at 8 Chutan, 10:30 in the evening closing time. Good taste with a female boss is very enthusiastic, many students have become old buyers, most of the time can sell more than and 200 Egg Tart day, the profit will be as can be imagined.

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