The road of entrepreneurship

he is rich in Vietnam, he sold instant noodles and mashed potatoes to become rich road, along the way there are a lot of hardships, there are a lot of suffering only he can understand. So, please go with a small series of Vietnam Regal rich life Riwang pan.

if turned the corner, perhaps also saw a similar five star hotel hospital in Vinmec, the French experts are in practice, it is also the only one in vietnam.

2013 in March, the 44 year old pan Riwang became the first person to $1 billion 500 million in the list of 2013 Forbes global rich list, ranked 974th.

and other mysterious tycoons like Vietnam, Vietnam’s pan Riwang rarely accepted an interview. In several appearances few, he had published such a view: "the Vietnamese and Chinese alike, they always love the gold hidden in the corner of the bed. In this place, the real estate boom."

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