Thousands of sanitation workers to ensure smooth wind in the snow

  about 9 the same day, the reporter saw that the district has the perspective of sanitation workers sweep snow figure. It is understood that the four areas of sanitation workers in addition to the clean-up of the main roads of the snow, the streets, roads, rainwater wellhead ice also clean up. At the same time, law enforcement officers are all deployed in the city, crossroads viaduct intersection, bus, train station and harbour traffic flow, more lots of organizational power, segmentation, including films, focus, priorities, by road, by segment and a large area of cleaning snow lane. At the same time, the strict implementation of the "three packs of" responsibility, urban management law enforcement officers in depth requirements of various stores, units on their own "front door" in the area of responsibility for cleaning the three packs. To ensure that the main streets of the city, no snow on the road, no ice, but also the public an orderly life, travel environment and to ensure the smooth road and traffic safety. (author: Tang Rong)  

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