Vegetable basket project quality and efficiency of vegetable self sufficiency rate reached 65% in 20

Xining food basket project quality and efficiency 2013-2015 action plan developed

– built more than 500 acres of scale production base of 50 – year to support the construction of a number of standard garden vegetables in open field to encourage the development of small – scale family ranch – the city’s "food basket" product quality and safety inspection qualified rate will be stable at 96% – to support the development of key "food basket" products of professional cooperative organizations, trafficking in large

Xining is the province’s largest agricultural products consumer market and logistics trading center, or sold outside the province from the vast majority of Xining Province agricultural and livestock products in other parts of the consumer market in Xining. Xining "food basket" supply is not only related to the daily life of local residents, but also have a huge impact on the province’s urban and rural residents production and living, do a good job in Xining "food basket" project has important significance. The day before, Xining formulated the "Xining city" food basket "project quality and efficiency of the 2013-2015 action plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), July 3rd, the "program" by Xining municipal government nineteenth standing committee.

kinds of good vegetable garden to protect the basket

from 2013 to 2015, Xining city will increase construction, increase the greenhouse vegetable base construction, the establishment of the enclave vegetable production base, to strengthen the breeding base construction, encourage the development of small scale family farms, livestock and other measures to implement linkage strategy, focus on supporting the construction of a number of strong, strong drive ability of agricultural enterprises, professional cooperatives, production of large each year, support the construction of a number of open field vegetables standard garden, the transformation of a number of old greenhouse, increase of winter greenhouse construction, to 2015, the annual vegetable self-sufficiency rate will reach 65%.

to 2015, built more than 500 acres of production base 50, the transformation of the old greenhouses 5000, new type of warm winter greenhouses 7500, built 10 thousand acres of vegetable base in Xining for Sichuan Deyang, building 12 thousand, building construction of the barn, cattle and sheep meat, pig farms (District) of the 100, the city’s cattle herds of 180 thousand, pig herds amounted to 550 thousand, the construction of dairy cattle, poultry farms (District) 40. At the same time, will nurture and support aquaculture.

establish product quality and safety traceability mechanism

"food basket" production increased, quality can not be ignored. Xining will improve and improve the city, county (District), township (town) three levels of quality and safety supervision system, the establishment of agricultural products quality and safety testing points in the main production base, build a base – County – city quality and safety testing network. Will increase the "pollution-free, green, organic and geographical indications of agricultural products certification, support agricultural product protection of local characteristics. The construction of animal and plant diseases and disease control system, animal and plant epidemic prevention system, barrier disease animal and plant epidemic monitoring system, animal and plant marking traceability system and emergency response system of major animal and plant diseases, the implementation of the main "food basket" product market access and the origin of quasi system, the establishment of "food basket" products;

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