Let the people remember the history of Japanese invasion evidence

The human body test and bacterial warfare of the eerie be brutal and inhuman, 731 Japanese troops and those who are victims of the site, the Japanese destroyed the…… A large number of pictures and text to restore a historical truth, so that visitors remember the history of our province, cherish peace. September 2nd, organized by the Provincial Cultural Press and Publication office, the Provincial Museum hosted a continuation of the month of the Japanese invasion of the 731 forces of crime exhibition, the exhibition in the provincial museum to the public and the units.

the exhibition is one of the province held a memorial China people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary of a series of important activities. Through this exhibition, deeply cherish the memory of martyrs, a national hero who sacrificed their lives for the victory of the Anti Japanese War and the war dead compatriots, exposes 731 Japanese troops destroyed Chinese people committed a great sin. The exhibition is divided into 4 chapters and 14 units, with a large number of pictures and text of the real record of the Japanese invasion of the Japanese army 731 years ago in the northeast of China, the human body test and bacteriological warfare crimes against humanity 70. More than and 70 year old Uncle Lee and his wife with children and grandchildren to see the exhibition after told reporters: "the 731 forces by in vivo experiment there are more than 50, with Chinese bacterial experiment, frostbite experiment, gas experiments, kill from so many Chinese, it is utterly devoid of conscience, the extinction of humanity. We must know that generation after generation of descendants of this period in history, cherish peace, happy life." Some students watched the show told reporters: "we look at these pictures and text, to know the Japanese Chinese people committed a great sin, we must always remember the history, forget national humiliation, cherish peace and create the future."

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