Datong County to achieve theoretical preaching terminal

in order to let the people regardless of age, identity, to fully understand the national fundamental policy, Datong county always adhere to the theory of propaganda life, people close to the foot, gas, spare the article on the theory of propaganda, in different forms, from top to bottom, to the city, county leading down to the flat head of people, and constantly strive to expand coverage, and strive to the theory of propaganda zero-gap full coverage, implementation of theory propaganda terminal.
– the city and county leaders to achieve long-term learning, reading in the morning. Every Monday at half past eight in the morning to nine counties, county-level leadership is at the time in reading, one year, 30 county-level leading cadres according to each week reading learning arrangements, in turn served as the host of learning, learning the party’s mass line, national unity and progress, the party’s eighteen, eighteen third and fourth plenary session of the spirit of the theory knowledge, leading role in the county leadership model, the masses of cadres at all levels have invested in a variety of theoretical study, set off the upsurge of learning theory.
– County Central Group to study the way to diversify, "please come in" and "going out" to broaden their horizons. Datong County in 2014 the central group learning activities 20 sessions, has invited the national and provincial experts to conduct various types of lectures. Going out to the provincial Party school to listen to the Sanjiang Unicom lecture hall lectures, listen to the National School of Administration professor Zhang Xiaode, such as ecological civilization construction and ecological strategy of Qinghai and other topics.
– with the words of the people of the people — "people said Gallery" I touched you he. Since April this year, since the formation of "Datong county people team, using the moral model, good cadres and the good teachers side touching deeds, inspire people to promote the socialist core values, social cohesion develop positive energy. "People talk Gallery" has been carried out preaching activities 49 screenings, the audience of nearly 5000 people, causing the county’s towns, departments, units of the enthusiastic response of the masses.
– "open window theory learning characteristics, highlighting the times propaganda position. On the county’s theoretical publications, "Datong propaganda" from the cover to the column to be revised, pay more attention to the diversity of content, comprehensive. Release all the towns, departments and units of theoretical articles, briefing on the work, greatly improve the Party cadres online learning participation and interactive; open mobile phone SMS platform, in a timely manner to the county theory information is sent to the county level above leading cadres and 289 village cadres; in the new media platform opened on the party "and" hot spot theory "and other columns, has become a" special window theory of learning".


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