Please avoid these sections to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival drive

A small child is "stalk", this time is to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival peak. "Drive to the destination to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival spent 1 hours parking, spent 3 hours, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival spent 1 hours! Car next to the car, road traffic pressure is very large……" With the purchase of the army special purchases for the Spring Festival team grew, my city roads have become increasingly congested. Which sections easy to block these days? How to bypass the encounter congestion? Where can I get a car where it is illegal and convenient? Reporter linked to the city’s major traffic police brigade responsible person for the recent changes in traffic flow forecast and analysis, and the introduction of the Spring Festival evening Travel Guide for you to travel shopping ahead of weapons.

East District

– congested road: go to the train station, Xining passenger bus center station, airport traffic hub, Kunlun cross road, South Street Cross, Huangshui light from the east to the west.

– shopping location: South Street, summer street, Xining Mansion, small commodity market.

– parking point proposal: liberal Road, Cao Zhai market door, Bowen Road, provincial hospital, South Street, off the Victory Lane, Kang Xi Yi Xiang, Xiang Ma, Delingha Road, cable, Qing Ying Wei Min Xiang Bei Guan Jie, lingxiucheng.

[], the traffic situation of the downtown business circle, night market and other places near the flow of traffic is more concentrated.

– congested road: Kunlun Road, South Street, West Street and other roads cross the summer.

– shopping areas: Simon Huang Road, East Street to summer street light.

– parking point proposal: people, people on both sides, both sides of the Street Street East Lane, summer sports Plaza, brick road, green road, street, lane, Yin Ma oblique production Shi Xiang North Street, and the homes, Dongtai District, Pacific supermarket.

[] police weapon 16 PM to 19 PM, Grand Cross, west gate, Changjiang Road, Kunlun road and other sections of the traffic flow is large. Suggested that the public can avoid driving peak hours, bypass. At the same time, shoppers are concentrated at the West City area around the door, such as drive shopping public can be parked in the underground parking lot surrounding Wangfujing, Simon stadium parking, street side, big dipper palace.


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